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RUSH: I know that many in this audience, not all, but I know that some of you in this audience are part of the mob, ’cause this audience spans all boundaries. We appeal to all political persuasions, all ideologies, all three sexes, all religions, all nonreligions, and I know that some of you in this audience are part of the mob, and some of you listening to me today are just flat-out angry at me, can’t believe what you’re hearing me say, because you know the truth. You know AIG stole from you, AIG stole from America, AIG is responsible, AIG, they gotta pay, they gotta pay, because President Obama said so. Their bonuses were in the legislation Obama signed and Congress wrote. But, all that aside, something you need to know. The banking crisis is not solved. The Obama bank solvency program has yet to be announced. Timothy Geithner has not yet put forward his plan to bring about two things: the elimination of these toxic assets that are eliminating the second thing that needs to happen and that is the free flow of credit at market prices. Nothing has been done on that yet. Do you know what it’s going to take, you mobsters?

What is it going to take to get the banks going again? I don’t know, but some people, the experts say it’s going to take more money. We’ve already stimulated and stimulated and stimulated, and we pumped and pumped and pumped, and the Fed announced a trillion dollars yesterday, and the market’s down today. It’s going to take more money and at some point, Geithner or whoever replaces him, Janet Reno, or President Obama, is going to call a press conference. They’re going to announce the need for another bailout or more TARP money. To whom? The banks. The only problem is they’ve whipped you into a frenzy of totalitarian hatred toward the banks. So what are you mobsters going to do when your president next tells you, or maybe he’ll have Bernanke do it, but somebody representing the highest elements and reaches of our great government will announce we need another $750 billion, maybe a trillion, to take care of these toxic assets because nothing’s been done about that, or to get the credit flow going again. What are you going to do? You just flipped your wigs over $165 million in bonuses to AIG, you don’t care a whit about $170 billion in bailout money to AIG.

What are you going to do when you find out the very people you’ve been told to hate and blame for everything going wrong in your life are going to get another trillion dollars? This administration has demonized successfully in too many Americans’ minds, this administration has demonized the very people who are going to have to be made solvent if you are to be able to borrow money again and live your life. I can’t wait ’til this happens. I can’t wait ’til they come back and say we need another $700 billion, $50 billion, trillion, whatever it is, for the banks. It’s another sign of the incompetence of these people. Everything is just throw it up against the wall on a daily basis and see what sticks just to make sure we keep the heat off us, Congress, White House, ditto. But they’re going to need more money. He-he-he-he-he. Are you going to get mad at Obama when he wants another trillion? Are you gonna get mad at Geithner, you gonna get mad? Are you going to say, ‘You told us to hate these people. You told us these people were the focus of greed and selfishness. You told us this is where we need the new accountability and you’re going to give ’em more money?’ I can’t wait for this to happen.

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