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RUSH: I normally would not release this kind of information, but there have been noted efforts to impugn this program’s ratings and success as part of the effort to demonize me. We here at the EIB Network, in the midst of a recession, have just closed the first quarter of 2009.

Revenues at the EIB Network in the first quarter of 2009 are up 13.5% over first quarter revenues of 2008, and at our revenue baseline, that is not an insignificant percentage or amount represented by it. Now, here’s the difference, or here’s the thing. This fact that I have recently imparted… Oh, and I can share with you that we have just finished an analysis of Arbitron listening data for… What is it? Is it January-February or February-March? It could be all three months; I’d have to check the e-mail. But the cume audience, which means total bodies, is up 32%. Now, when you’re starting at a baseline of 20, 22 million, 32% is a significant number in the cume — and that’s total listeners. That’s not getting into demographics; it’s total listeners. Now, there are certain people who are responsible for this.

There are certain people that made this happen, and I want to take a brief moment to thank them. They are you. Every one of you listening to this program, you are the reason that I can report these increased numbers. Our wonderful sponsors and advertisers are having tremendous success because of you. And through all of this, the one thing I know is that every effort the past 20 years to divide me from you, my audience, has only strengthened the bond. That, above all else, means the most to me in this. So it would be ridiculous for me to get down in the dumps. It would be ridiculous for me to get depressed and to get worried about being demonized, because human nature is proving out. Just as I told the Politico, ‘They’re elevating me at the White House. They are strengthening the bond between all of us involved.’ That means you in this program’s success, so thank you very much.

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