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RUSH: James Carville and Stan Greenberg are out with their new poll on me. I told you McClatchy has one out. My approval number is 33%. I am one of the most popular individuals in America today. I have a higher approval rating than lawyers, journalists, doctors (well, not doctors) actors, Hollywood, and Congress. My approval number of 33% is higher than Obama’s will be at the end of his term. My approval rating of 33% in the McClatchy poll is higher than Biden’s IQ. So here come Carville and Greenberg with their poll out today, and this is the analysis ‘graph, or sentence. ‘National survey shows talk show host unpopular with everybody…’ (laughing) I’m ‘unpopular with everybody except conservative Republicans who defend him and share his values.’

That’s a pretty healthy number out there. We had Bill Sammon’s story today, that Carville and Greenberg were talking to journalists on the morning of 9/11/2001, telling them they wanted Bush to fail, and they were going to polling data to try to gin up failure for Bush. Then they learned of the attacks, and they shouted to the media, ‘Forget what you just heard! This changes everything.’ Now, that story’s been up since around noon on the Fox News Channel. It’s a Bill Sammon story. It will get no coverage beyond the Fox News Channel, but this Carville poll — which says everybody hates me… (laughing) Everybody! Everybody hates me except conservatives! This is going to be, I guarantee you, in every newspaper, every website, every blog. (sigh)

Everybody hates me. (interruption) Okay, Dawn, don’t shake your head in there. This is… I talked about this in the first hour. This is just fine, believe me. (sigh) See, my staff wants everybody to know me as they do, and they’re so desirous that everybody love me like they do. It ain’t going to happen. See, I’m not burdened with those expectations, so I’m never disappointed about it. I appreciate the sentiment in there, I really do, but it is what it is. At any rate, I’m not doing this for popularity anyway.


RUSH: This is Sean in Dallas. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey thanks, Rush. I wonder how much of your new listenership is women. Did the women summit work?

RUSH: I haven’t seen the breakdown on that. This is just total audience numbers. And, by the way, it’s just — we only have it for the top 15 markets, really, which are rated now in a new way as opposed to the old way. What he’s talking about is that a couple hours ago since this audience size, the ratings of this show have been disputed in the media. We finally ran the numbers yesterday ’cause we know… The Washington Post ran a story, ‘What are Limbaugh’s Real Numbers?’ and they talk to people who say, ‘It’s really impossible to know.’ The hell it is! Do you think Campbell’s doesn’t know how many cans of soup it sells? It’s our business. We know what our ratings are. We don’t lie. And they’re up.

It’s January, February and March or February and March or January and February, I’m not sure which, I’ll have to double-check, but it’s in the first quarter. It’s up 32% over our baseline, up 32% over a year ago — and our baseline’s high. That’s a significant increase. That’s total audience. That’s cume. That’s not average quarter hour. That doesn’t break down demographics yet. Oh, yeah, a lot of people like me, Dawn. The Greenberg-Carville poll says everybody hates me ‘except’ conservative Republicans. That’s not true, because I have a lot of liberal friends who love me. I have a lot of liberal friends who like me, who would love to get on this program now and then. It’s just… The host unpopular with everybody! That’s a poll? Host unpopular with everybody! (laughing) We don’t know what percentage of it is women.


RUSH: Just as I predicted, the Carville poll is all over the media. The Bill Sammon story about Carville wanting Bush to fail in 2001 still obscured, but the new Carville poll on me is all over the place, and get this, ‘The poll finds that Limbaugh has grown –‘ (laughing) gosh, I wish my parents were alive. I would just relish my dad’s reaction to this. ‘The poll finds that Limbaugh has grown even less popular with swing voters since the election.’ (laughing) Swing voters! That’s right. When I started this program, ladies and gentlemen, I said my objective is to get swing voters. What am I running for? Swing voters! (laughing)

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