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“If our struggle with the economy is a war, and Obama is our commanding general, then this war is lost.”

“We’re going to play today the entire three-minute phone call from Barack Obama to the New York Times trying to clarify the notion that he’s not a socialist. We’re doing this to let you hear President Obama off teleprompter, and you will hear a profound difference. Plus, it’s funny.”

“The Gordon Brown insult…. That still blows my mind: Obama giving the prime minister of the UK something you would give your mother-in-law for Christmas at the last minute after you had run out of ideas.”

“Our Founding Fathers had studied history, and they knew that absolute power corrupts absolutely. This country was not founded on the principle that the president is a king and above all the king must succeed. In fact, the system is designed to ensure that the president fails when he is wrong.”

“You know, intellectuals are often the ones that are more surprised by the truth and the outcome of events than anyone else. I think that’s because they live in their own little world of affected speech.”

“Let me give you an explanation of card check so that everybody can understand. You are a small business employee. Your boss has a shop that is not union. After this legislation passes, one day Tony Soprano will walk in with a lead pipe and start beating people upside the head to vote to unionize.”

“All right, may I translate this for you? ‘I like Corn Flakes, but I’m not saying you should. If you don’t like Corn Flakes, that’s fine with me. And Obama makes a valid point about Frosted Flakes, though I personally find them too sweet, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid them altogether.'”

“There are no ‘moderate’ Taliban! And we have a president who wants to attach US political labels to extreme, radical, thug, terrorist murderers? It is outrageous! There’s no such thing as a ‘moderate’ Taliban!”

“‘Rush, how do you know these things?’ Friends, it’s not hard. I would love to tell you that it takes a superior intellect and a tireless amount of work to be able to be this prophetic and prescient, but it takes none of that. All it takes is an honest willingness to admit what you know about liberalism.”

“As long as they’re not handcuffed by mission planning from Washington and cuts in their budgets and things that they need, the US military can defeat whoever they’re pitted against.”

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