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RUSH: I know it’s sort of like spitting into the wind here, but I want to make another point on this failure business. Remember back in 2002 when we had a plummeting Dow Jones Industrial Average and Dick Gephardt was happy? Dick Gephardt, then the Democrat leader in the House, gleefully said, ‘Every hundred-point drop in the stock market, we pick up another seat.’ You’d think Dick Gephardt was hoping for economic failure? Yes, Dick Gephardt was hoping for economic failure, and he was publicly gleeful when the economy was tanking. In fact, talking about wanting the economy to fail, the Democrat Party tried to engender Democrat collapse for six-and-a-half years, telling the American people the future was dismal, it was gloomy, that people were losing their jobs, that there wasn’t any real progress being made in the gap between wage earners. The Democrat Party and you people in the media ought to be ashamed. You tried to talk the people of this country into believing that we had a bad economy. You were rooting for economic failure, and in some cases in the Democrat Party was trying to bring about economic failure in order to win elections. This notion that I want Obama to fail — I want everybody to succeed. This is not hard to understand, and the fact that they won’t report the truth on this shows to what extent they have become butt boys for the Obama administration.

Back to the phones, to Chicago, this is Art. Great to have you on the program, sir, hello.

CALLER: Rush, how you doing?

RUSH: Good.

CALLER: Congratulations on your mother of all bombs presentation at CPAC.

RUSH: Thank you, excerpts from that coming up soon, by the way. Thank you very much, Art.

CALLER: Yeah, Ann Coulter rocked CPAC in 2008 and I think you set the global warming high-water mark this year, so I’ll get to my question. Mr. Obama, I want him to succeed, he’s the guy that probably says nothing more eloquently than even Paul Harvey, I want him to succeed so that even his Obamutts would realize that on-the-job training is really not any way to run a presidency. Would I be wrong in wishing that?

RUSH: What exactly are you wishing?

CALLER: I’m wishing that he would succeed in so much that even his Obamutts that voted for him would realize that on-the-job training is not a way to run a presidency.

RUSH: It sounds to me you’re hoping for economic failure so that people realize just how inexperienced and poor a President Obama is.

CALLER: That’s pretty much it, yeah.

RUSH: See, I don’t want that. I don’t want it to happen that way. I’m afraid that it will. I don’t want economic failure. I don’t want the kind of pain and suffering that we have now to get any worse. It’s the exact opposite. I don’t want this economy to get worse just so people learn the truth about Obama. It may take that, I hope not, because if it takes that, we may not have enough power left to gain control of our economy the way it was. But I don’t want the economy to fail. I don’t want people losing their jobs and being kicked out of their houses. I don’t want people going on welfare and unemployment just for people to realize what a mistake they made with Obama. I want Obama to fail, not the country. I want Obama to fail in being successful with his economic plan. Now, if Barack Obama all of a sudden came out and said, ‘You know what? I think we need to do something here in the midst of this recession. I’m going to resend my capital gains tax increase and I’m going to suspend capital gains. And, you know what, I think we can really improve the economic circumstance if I would cut the corporate tax rate in half, and maybe just suspend capital gains for three months. Maybe have a tax holiday on FICA, Social Security withholding.’

Well, I tell you, I would become Barack Obama’s biggest cheerleader in this country. If he actually proposed ideas to jump-start this economy, so there isn’t any more economic pain and we can bottom out at some point and start building this back. But, folks, his plan doesn’t do that. Government spending does not elevate the private sector. It does not stimulate the private sector. It does not in any way, shape, manner, or form expand the private sector. But hear me, and hear me loud. Look at me. I don’t want the economy to fail. That’s why I’m sticking my neck out here. I actually care about the people who are seeing their financial lives damaged and, in some cases, ruined. I’m the one, among many on my side, who are truly worried about this. Some of you are hoping that the words from Obama’s mouth will magically bring you back. It ain’t going to happen. I do not want economic collapse. This is it for me. This is enough. It’s got to stop. The problem is this administration has no interest in it stopping right now.

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