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RUSH: Vickie, Lake Charles, Louisiana, you’re up first today. It’s great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Oh, it’s great to be on, Rush. This is the first time I get to talk to you. I’m kind of nervous and excited at the same time.

RUSH: Well, I understand. I’ve been where you are before —

CALLER: (laughs) I know.

RUSH: — and I can relate.

CALLER: I know. Well, what I heard on my local station yesterday was there was a vote that passed before the Senate, I believe. I’m not for sure because I caught the very tail end of it but it said that the so-called Fairness Doctrine was voted on, and they’re going to bring it up. You know, they’re going to try to squelch you guys again, and it passed by a margin, by a vote of 80-something —

RUSH: No, just the opposite. There were two votes.

CALLER: Oh, thank God.

RUSH: There were two votes yesterday, two amendments, the Jim DeMint amendment is what you’re talking about.


RUSH: And the Senate effectively told the FCC, you cannot re-implement the Fairness Doctrine. It’s over.

CALLER: Oh, good.

RUSH: Not good, not good, because that’s expected and that’s no big deal.


RUSH: The Durbin amendment also passed, straight party-line vote.

CALLER: Uh-huh.
RUSH: Fifty-seven or 58 to 41, and what it does authorize the FCC to expand the concept of minority ownership and local content rules — the contrivances I wrote eloquently about the in the Wall Street Journal. So, no. The push to censor talk radio is very, very much alive. Now, it still has to be voted on in the House.


RUSH: In the House, by the way, they’ve got people that want the Fairness Doctrine. This is part of another bill that has nothing to do with either of these two amendments. But the bottom line is that your suspicions based on your instincts are accurate. It’s not the ‘Fairness Doctrine.’ They’re not going to call it that. They’re just going to go through a back door or a couple of back doors to censor that which they cannot control, and that where they cannot succeed. Liberalism does not flourish in a free market. Think of it that way.

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