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RUSH: Margaret in Appleton, Wisconsin. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you so much for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, ma’am.

CALLER: I am calling for a couple of reasons here. I was thinking earlier when you were saying that the press is all about, ‘Well, we all should support or president and we should never, you know, deride things that he’s doing, and all that.’ As a Christian, Rush, I do totally believe what the Bible says about praying for our leaders, but I pray for this man’s wisdom, if there is such a thing; if he possesses it, in any way, shape or form. I pray that God will somehow provide people around him that will finally get through to him and make him see common sense, Rush. Common sense! And look at the markets. I mean, look what everything has — has —

RUSH: Yeah, okay —

CALLER: — what’s been happening since he took office.

RUSH: Time-out. Time-out.


RUSH: I believe in prayer, and I believe in miracles, like the fog that stopped the British from wiping out George Washington. But I don’t want to just sit around and wait for it. You want to know how to sway Obama voters? You call ’em ‘cruel.’ I will explain this when I come back.


RUSH: Now, I want to expand on something. A lot of people tell me, a lot of people ask me, ‘Rush, how are we gonna persuade these Obama voters, or just any liberal? How we going to persuade ’em?’ You know, it does happen. I, on this program, as a result of this program, have persuaded millions of liberals over the past 20 years to change their minds about things. I have received testimony from them, letters. Some have even called asking for forgiveness. You’ve heard some of them call here and thank me for awakening them. So it can be done. So you’re saying, ‘Okay, Rush. Well, what did you do? Did you do this? Did you purposely set out to persuade?’ Yeah. Like I’ve told you, folks, I’m not quitting ’til every American agrees with me.

Why go through this every day if it’s not about persuasion, especially in dire consequences like now? Yeah, I’m trying to convince people. But how do you convince liberals? Well, you see, you have to understand why liberals are what they are. Now, many people confuse liberalism with a set of political principles and thus begin to argue with them on the basis of those political principles. That’s not how you do it. Liberalism is not… Well, it is in some respects, but a lot of people also believe (I am one) that liberalism’s a state of mind, that liberalism is a psychosis. And what is it based on? What is liberalism really based on? Well, you can use the word ‘fairness.’

But what is that? I mean, that’s an obscure concept, practically impossible to apply. Unless you assume that everybody is the same as everybody else, that nobody has any differences of any kind, then you might be able to talk about fairness, but of course you can’t so that’s not the case. So this notion of ‘fairness,’ what liberals really want — and there are a variety of liberals. I mean, the intellectual liberals want control. But even the intellectual liberals and the nonintellectual liberals, the one thing they have in common is they want to feel good about themselves. That’s why they believe the things they believe. You can’t apply logic to liberalism because it is illogical.

It doesn’t make any sense. Like Obama’s budget. There’s no logic here. He can’t pay for what he’s spending, and he doesn’t want to. It’s not about paying for it. It’s not about finding revenue. He’s going to say that’s what he’s trying to do simply because he knows most people want this stuff to be paid for. They don’t want huge debt, but he doesn’t care. If he cared, he wouldn’t be doing any of this because we’re not going to pay for it. We’ll print money, whatever, we’re not going to pay for it. None of this, or very little of it, is going to be paid for. It’s not his concern. His concern is saddling the nation with the debt. His concern is doing all this. He’s one of the ones that wants control.

This is about personal power for Barack Obama, personal power for Democrats and party power for the Democrat Party. The rank-and-file, the Obamaites out there that look at him like he’s God — like he’s The Messiah, who have blank stares on their face with tears streaming down their checks — they just want to be part of something they think is good and decent. They want to matter, and they want to feel good about themselves. So liberalism is simply — eh, it’s more complex than this, but it’s basically — just a way that they can feel good about themselves. So how do you attack that? Well, in the process of making themselves feel good about themselves, they destroy people’s lives. Just tell ’em that. Just tell ’em they’re cruel.

‘What do you mean, Mr. Limbaugh? I care!’

‘About what?’

‘I care about African-Americans and poverty.’

‘Really? What have you done for them?’

‘Well, we’ve — we’ve — We care about them. We don’t like the circumstances in which they live because of you.’

‘I’m not doing anything about it. You guys have. You guys have transferred money. You have spent money. You have sent welfare. You have destroyed the black family — and you have felt good about yourself in the process! You think you’re helping but you’re not, and that’s why we are never allowed to look at the results of liberal programs. We only have to, and are allowed to, look at their good intentions, because their good intentions are what make them feel good about themselves.’

So all these liberals — again, you have different versions. She asked me how to persuade liberals in her neighborhood there. We’re not talking about the Dick Durbins and the Ted Kennedys. These people are far more than just trying to feel good about themselves. There’s the acquisition of control and power. The average dunce liberal that votes for these people, it’s about their intentions. ‘We tried to help, Limbaugh. At least we cared! You didn’t care about anything. You never want to help people that are suffering. All you do is increase…’ No, it’s just the exact opposite. We do. We actually come up with solutions to all this. We think that it’s unconscionable that there should be such suffering as there is in the greatest country in the world.

So we see some suffering and we immediately say, ‘How to fix that?’ You look and all you want to do is feel good about yourself because you notice it and care, and you might come up with some plan you think will fix it, that makes it worse. So if you just… I think a lot of liberals listening to this program over the years have changed their minds. I’ve inadvertently gotten to them by illustrating to them that while they’re out there feeling good about themselves, they’re not fixing anything. The rage and the anger that they all feel, the rage and the anger that they all feel to me is evidence that they really don’t feel good about themselves. So they create these illusions that they care and they feel good about themselves, but they’re living a psychosis, psychology or what have you.

It’s about making themselves feel good, and they don’t. So they’re angry and enraged and they get really mad — they get really mad — when you tell ’em that they are the exact opposite of what they think they are. That’s why I say tell ’em they’re cruel. ‘Do you realize how cruel what your beliefs are? Do you realize the cruelty your beliefs have been imposed on people?’ They don’t want to hear it! They are the sweetest, the nicest, the most caring and compassionate. You make them feel otherwise about themselves, and, bam. That’s why they hated Bush. That’s why they hated Bush, among other reasons. He didn’t care about them. He made them feel insignificant. He didn’t give ’em the time of day. Tell ’em they’re cruel. Just tell ’em they’re mean. It’s the exact opposite of the way they think about themselves. You’ll destroy ’em.

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