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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to do the Female Summit today, by the way. We will do the Female Summit in the third hour of the program today, and the reason we’re going to do the Female Summit is Public Policy Polling in North Carolina published a national poll on your beloved host, El Rushbo. They found I’ve got 46% approval, 43% disapproval, but I got a huge gender gap. My gender gap between men and women is 31%. Thirty-one percent is the differential between male approval and female approval. So yesterday I said, ‘What can I do about this? What could be done? What is the explanation for this?’

‘Cause I’m just a harmless little fuzzball. I’m the sweetest, the nicest, most generous, compassionate, confident, cocky, I-know-what-I-want-and-I-know-what’s-right-and-I’m-going-to-say-what-I-think kind of guy you could run into, and I’m saying to myself, ‘What could be the explanation for the gender gap? I should try to understand it myself.’ Why not do a Female Summit, with breakout groups and the whole thing, like Obama does, on Social Security and electricity and procurement. So we’re going to do a Female Summit. It may take more than one day, depending on the answers we get. I’ve got a lot so far in e-mail, by the way. But what will happen, we’re going to take calls only from women in the last hour of the program today. Very rarely do I define requirements for callers. But today, I am going to do so. For the purposes of the Female Summit, it would make no sense for women to call and say how much they love me.

We already know that there are many who do, and we know why. We need to hear from women who don’t particularly love me, who don’t particularly like me, or from women who do like me who know women who hate me, who can tell me why. But more than that, we need calls from women who will have suggestions for what they think I should do to close the gender gap — and, I must add, some of you may think I should not worry about it. You can say that, too. The only thing off-limits is fawning love, adulation, devotion. We’ll save that for Open Line Friday. But today, the Female Summit must offer constructive criticism and hopefully some solutions, then I’ll take it. You know, on a call-by-call, case-by-case basis. So what will happen right before the final hour, Snerdley will screen all the calls — or he’ll broom ’em.

At the break at the top of the hour for the third hour begins is when we will start taking calls only from women. Now, we’ve done this before. We are highly trained broadcast specialists, so we know it’s going to happen. A bunch of men going to call trying to disguise their voices. We’ll catch you. A bunch of men are going to put their girlfriends or wives on the phone to fool us so that when it’s their turn to get on the air the guy will actually be there. I want to warn you: anybody caught trying to perpetrate a trick on this program and your host will be met with in a most direct, and what you might consider unkind, way. The first moment that I sniff deceit, you’re gone. I will break my rule of never hanging up on anyone and do it today. We’re serious about the Female Summit.

It’s a crisis point in our country today, and we haven’t got time to fool around with jokers, practical jokers. I’m the king of those. I spot them before anybody knows they’re coming. So get ready. Gear up for the final hour today being the first ever Rush Limbaugh Female Summit on the EIB Network. Now, this is not nitpicking, because Obama thinks that there are 57 states. He said that during the campaign. But I need to ask you people a question: Who invented the automobile? Oh! One thing about the Female Summit: sorry, no transsexuals. We’re not going to have anybody who’s had an addadictomy, and we’re not going to have anybody who’s had a chopadickoffamy. We’re going to have women from birth.

Nothing against transgenders, nothing against transsexuals, but that doesn’t apply because they weren’t polled. Only women were polled in this. So if you had an addadictomy, you can’t call here and say you used to be a woman. It ain’t gonna work. And if you had a chopadickoffamy and you used to be a guy, you cannot call here and say you’re now a woman. You can try it, but it isn’t gonna work. Now, we ask that all of you be honest. We ask that all of you be sincere in our effort here to close the El Rushbo gender gap based on the polling from Public Policy Polling. I just got a note: ‘Can employees participate in the All Female Summit?’ Can employees participate? Well, I assume so, but the employees must go through the regular channels. There will be no preferential treatment shown to callers.

Nobody will be called by us. There will not be any special super-secret phone numbers. And you know what will also happen here, Mr. Snerdley. (interruption) I’m not going to tell you who’s asking that. It doesn’t matter who it is. I’m just going to say this. What might happen, and it’s I think very likely, is that you will fail — not through any fault of your own, you will fail — and there will be a couple of deceitful, phony callers, seminar callers who will try to convince you of one thing, get on the air and do something quite different. This will result in something that we have done before on this program. What do we call ’em? Not caller seminars, but where callers were trained how to be better callers and what made them better.

It wasn’t called caller seminars, but it was called caller something or other. That might automatically be brought back to life as a result of the caller clinics. They were caller clinics. In the early days of this program, folks, the callers were nice. They were doing everything they could. They were trying, but they were bad, and it necessitated doing caller clinics that I had to explain. The best calls are those that make the host look good, but that does not mean you make the host look good by calling up and going on with endless praise. That’s not what I meant. So we did caller clinics. We could end up probably having one of those as part of the Female Summit.


RUSH: Welcome to the Female Summit, the Female Summit exclusively all female callers in this hour. The Female Summit is the result of a poll, a national poll by a North Carolina group of Democrats called the Public Policy Polling group, PPP. They did a national poll on me. They found out I have a 46% approval rating, a 43% disapproval, but I’ve got a huge gender gap, far more men approve of me than do women. The percentage of women that approve versus disapprove coupled with the male approval, disapproval, equals a gender gap of minus 31 points. I figured it was time to convene a Female Summit to find out why. The purpose of this hour, accept phone calls only from women who do either know somebody who has a big problem with me who is a woman, or as a woman herself has a problem with me, so that I can hear firsthand just what it is that causes women so many troubles with me.

Mr. Snerdley frustrated at the top-of-the-hour break, he had the perfect woman who hung up, a 27-year-old college student, she’s taking gender studies, and she says throughout her textbook are mentions of me in the most negative of ways, that I epitomize male chauvinism, that I am a male chauvinist pig, that I am the quintessential reason women are being held back in America. And she was going say, ‘It’s no wonder that you have no prayer among college-age women who are taking gender studies because your name is all over the textbook.’ For some reason she could not hold on. Mr. Snerdley has broomed all calls and is now accepting calls only from applicants to our Female Summit. He has a few up there. We’ll get to you in just a moment. There’s one story I want to do before we get to the calls. And, by the way, don’t fake it, because we’ll spot you. We don’t hang up on people here, but we will today. If you try to fake it, if you try to call here and present yourself as something that you’re not, we’ll spot it and you’re gone. Don’t be a guy trying to impersonate a woman. And, by the way, we don’t want calls from people who already like, enjoy, or love the program, because we’re not looking for praise. We’re not looking for that.

We’re looking for stories from women who actually have big problems with me and are able to explain to me what they are so I can react to it. We’re trying to get to the bottom of something here. We want this to work, we want this to have an effective climax so that there is something at the end of the hour from which I can learn and maybe improve and get better. We won’t know ’til we start taking phone calls. But if you try to fake us out, if you try to — by the way, there’s nothing wrong with transgenders and transsexuals, but no transgenders and no transsexuals. If you’ve had an addadictomy, please don’t call. If you’ve had a chopadickoffamy, please don’t call. We’ll let you in on another occasion. This is for women who have been born women and stay that way.


RUSH: We are starting on our Female Summit today with a call from Dee in San Diego. Dee, welcome. You’re first up on the Female Summit today. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Well, thanks for having me, and it’s a true, true honor. I owe my listening to my father. I have to give him the accolades ’cause he accused me of being a liberal vegetarian, and told me I had to stop listening to NPR and listen to you at least one hour a day. So I started eight years ago and I’ve been hooked. But getting to the point of my friends and associates who are females and their dislike of you and your program, it does have to do with I guess their view of you being pompous and —

RUSH: Are these friends of yours like-minded? Are they conservatives?

CALLER: Yes. I have like-minded conservatives and one in particular, you know, she just really detests your program, and she has family members —

RUSH: She ever listen to it?

CALLER: She has listened to it once, and I was telling your screener that I think you made a great, great point when you said you have to listen for at least three weeks —

RUSH: Six.

CALLER: — to really get the gist.

RUSH: Six weeks.

CALLER: — of the show.

RUSH: Six weeks. Three weeks not enough.

CALLER: All right.

RUSH: Yeah, six weeks.

CALLER: Okay, six weeks. And I’ve not been able to get her to listen. Also, she’s a schoolteacher. Believe it or not, a conservative schoolteacher.

RUSH: All right. See, now, this is something about which I can do nothing.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Here’s a woman who’s listened to me one time, she thinks I’m pompous. She’s a schoolteacher, she’s willing to profess her own ignorance by saying I’m pompous after having listened to one day, and she’s out teaching kids? This woman is a menace to society.


RUSH: What do you mean, pompous? How does she describe ‘pompous’?

CALLER: I think the caller who was before, the 27-year-old had it more succinct than I did. What her view is from the books and how they portray you is I guess a ‘chauvinist,’ and she’s never used that word before, but just from the description —

RUSH: Yeah. But she doesn’t know and so I’m supposed to react to this. She doesn’t know, she’s just thinks, she can’t possibly know after only listening one time.


RUSH: Do you know how many times I hear negative things about people I don’t know?


RUSH: It’s very seductive. ‘Oh, really? That person sounds like an SOB.’ I don’t buy it anymore. I wait until I know something about somebody or meet them or what have you. I’m happy to do the Female Summit here, but I’m too pompous, somebody who’s listened one time? Do you tell her she’s wrong?

RUSH: Yes. We get in very heated debates quite often.

RUSH: Uninformed debates because she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she’s listened one time.

CALLER: Correct. Correct.

RUSH: That’s gotta be very frustrating for you. I owe you a great debt of thanks for endeavoring to hang in and straighten her out.

CALLER: I give it my best. Unfortunately for other women, I think too many rely on Oprah, People magazine, and The View, and they just don’t really broaden —

RUSH: We know that, but I don’t want to hear that, I’ll wait to hear that specifically. I want to focus on your friend.


RUSH: Your friend debates you. Now, stop and think about this. Your friend argues — you listen every day. Your friend loves and respects you.


RUSH: She probably doesn’t think you’re wrong about very many other things, does she?


RUSH: Right. But on this, she won’t even listen more than once, and still debates you and distrusts you as her friend on the basis that she thinks I’m pompous?

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: Did she ever tell you what I said or did the one time she listened?

CALLER: No. She doesn’t have an actual quote or specific example.

RUSH: Is the woman married? Does she have a boyfriend?

CALLER: She’s married. No children.

RUSH: Well, that’s fine. Okay. Well, I appreciate that. I appreciate the feedback. But ‘pompous’?

CALLER: Yeah. You know, I don’t know —

RUSH: Do you think I’m pompous?

CALLER: No. No. I mean there are sometimes, you know, like you start to say something, and I don’t know if it’s innate to females, that you’ll start to — I do sometimes start to react but then I know —

RUSH: Like what? Give me an example. Give me an example. Give me an example.

CALLER: Oh, well —

RUSH: How about this. How about the last call, or not the last call. Yeah, it was the last call. Two calls ago. Sculptor. Small business. I said, ‘That’s not a bad business, I just watched a movie, a sculptor in Spain lives with two babes, not a bad deal.’ Is that something that you think could maybe give me a problem with certain women, because it’s certainly not conservative.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And it’s certainly not family values.

CALLER: Yeah, yeah. But I think like, you know, you make a great point that the public doesn’t want to see women age in politics, when the issue came up about Hillary, and at first, you know —

RUSH: Yeah, but see, your friend didn’t cite that. Your friend cited ‘pompous.’ I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. There may be somebody who will call to talk about that, I’ll deal with that then, but as to this pompous stuff, that criticism, irrelevant, the woman’s never listened, I’m not pompous, I’m not changing that.


RUSH: Our Female Summit, the Rush Limbaugh program, on the EIB Network. After our last call, ladies and gentlemen, we had a call. I’m sure there are a lot of other women out there like this last caller, who said a friend of hers — a conservative friend of hers, a schoolteacher — doesn’t like me at all. She listened to me one time. This is a teachable moment. Here’s where I want to assign breakout groups. All such seminars and such as we’re doing here, summits, have breakout groups. If you know a woman who doesn’t listen or has listened very infrequently who despises me and this program, demand that you and her listen to the program together one day and then you report back to me on what happened. This is a great exercise here for the Female Summit, many breakout groups like this could occur all over America. Deborah in Brighton, Michigan, you’re next on the Female Summit. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush!


CALLER: First I want to congratulate you on your success in radio and thanks for letting me be a part of your summit. I agree with your politics, but I don’t routinely listen to your show because of certain things you say. The first time I listened to your show you were criticizing a liberal woman’s blog, and I was fine with your criticism, and at the end of your criticism said something to the effect of, ‘Well, at the end of the day she’s a babe so it doesn’t really matter anyways,’ and you were referring to the columnist. After you said she was ‘a babe,’ you know, in my mind and maybe in the mind of many other women listening, you totally diminished what you had said previously about her column. And, you know, in this time I think, you know, conservatives, we really need to pull together. And you, Rush, as a great leader and speaker for conservatism, you don’t need to dilute your message with who’s hot and who’s not. You know, leave that to someone else who has nothing better to say.

RUSH: Well, but what if the fact that being a babe is the most notable thing about a particular liberal blogger? I mean, I’m looking for something nice to say after having ripped a liberal blogger for being wrong, because she’s a liberal, she can’t possibly be right, and so I’m looking for something positive. If she’s a babe, she’s a babe. What is…? You know men can’t help but notice these things. I guess you’re saying, ‘Yeah, go ahead and notice, but don’t mention it.’

CALLER: Yeah. I mean, you know, she might not take that as a compliment. I’m not saying I agree with liberals, but she probably worked very hard.

RUSH: Oh, time-out.

CALLER: (giggles)

RUSH: This is a teachable moment for me. Are you telling me that there are women who do not appreciate…? See, I thought we were past this. When I was in my early twenties, Deborah, in the 1970s in Pittsburgh —

CALLER: Mmm-hmm?

RUSH: — that was the birth of the modern era of feminism; and I’m telling you; if you complimented a woman on her appearance, it was a negative; because they were trained as, ‘Oh, is that all you see? Well, what about my brain?’ It was frustrating to me. You couldn’t open a car door! I’m not making this up. It was a very formative experience to me. Women do not want to be told how good they look because they thought they were being objectified or seen in a lesser stature, but men cannot help this. God created us this way. It’s what ends up in there being babies.

CALLER: Yeah, but, you know, talking about it on the radio doesn’t make babies.

RUSH: You never know.

CALLER: (giggles) I don’t think women appreciate that.

RUSH: The fertility rate of this program has been quoted as being fairly high.

CALLER: (giggles) Well, I think you need to get rid of terms like ‘infobabe.’ I mean, I know you might like being called an ‘infohunk,’ but…

RUSH: I invented the term!

CALLER: (giggles)

RUSH: It’s creative and it’s artistic, and it is a signature term.

CALLER: Well, I think it might be a big turnoff for a lot of women. You know, when I hear that term, I —

RUSH: I would say they need to lighten up, for crying out loud! Why do I have to change who I am? Why can’t they just lighten up? Infobabe! Why can’t they laugh? What is the problem with being light and lovable and just smiling now and then? Why must everything be said through gritted teeth and anger?

CALLER: It doesn’t have to be that way, but you don’t have to label it as an ‘infobabe.’

RUSH: (laughs) I’m not going to change that. That is a signature. I mean, that’s been picked up. Even if I stop using it, everybody else out there is using it. I guess next I should stop using the term ‘anchorette.’ (sigh) Well, here we go. The Female Summit goes on. Where we going next? This is Rita in Manchester, Ohio. Rita, you’re next. It’s great to have you here on our Female Summit.

CALLER: Hello.


CALLER: I’m glad to be here.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I’m glad you called.

CALLER: Uh, you’ve got to stop talking down to people. Maybe men can take this, but women aren’t going to take it very long.

RUSH: How do I talk down? Please help me. How do I talk down to women, or people?

CALLER: You talk like you know everything and you’re better than everybody, and your opinion —

RUSH: You’ve got me confused with Obama.

CALLER: No. (laughs) Well, yeah.

RUSH: Obama talks down to people.

CALLER: Him, too. But your opinion doesn’t necessarily have to be everyone’s opinion.

RUSH: It should be.

CALLER: I agree with you a lot of the times; a lot of the times you tick me off. You talk down just like I’m a child and I’m supposed to listen to you —

RUSH: You know, now seriously, Rita…

CALLER: And you interrupt people.

RUSH: Well, that’s only because of time constraints. But, Rita, I really am not trying to talk down to people. I’m trying to inspire. I’m trying to motivate and lift people up. I don’t look at people as children. I probably have more respect for the intelligence of my audience than anybody else in the media. I do not ever think I’m talking down to people. That’s never in my mind. I don’t consider myself better than anybody in the audience.

CALLER: Well, and I have the utmost respect for your intelligence. I think you are one of the most intelligent men I have ever heard speak.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that. I thank you very much. I will try to be more conscious of talking down, because I really don’t want to. That wounds me to the heart, because I’m not an elitist. Elitists who are the people that talk down have contempt for people. I have nothing but love, admiration, and respect for all the people of this country, especially the ones in the audience. So thank you for that, Rita. Thank you very much.


RUSH: We are in the middle of a Female Summit, including breakout groups. Female Summit, brought about by a North Carolina firm, Public Policy Polling. I have 46% approval and 43% disapproval, but a gender gap of minus 31 in women. The purpose here of the Female Summit is to elicit feedback from women who have problems with me, so I can learn what the feedback is and perhaps understand better what I have to do to reduce the gender gap. In that vein we continue. This is Kaisha, did you say? Kaisha from California. She is the 27-year-old college co-ed who wants to participate. I guess you’re taking Gender Studies and I’m all over the textbook being maligned and impugned, right?

CALLER: Yes. You are specifically mentioned. Do you want me to read it?

RUSH: Well, a passage or two. I generally don’t like people reading, but we’ll make an exception here on the Female Summit.

CALLER: Okay. It talks about how women who press for equality you describe as ‘lesbians, man haters, and then the words right-wing talk show host Rush Limbaugh, ‘feminazis,” and it goes on. They’re attacking conservatism. You represent conservatism. They attack ‘neoliberal economics,’ which as you know is Reaganomics. They blame it for the inequality in the system. They blame it that cutting back on the state actually cuts back on jobs for women because the state provides professional jobs and opportunities. It’s sad because, you know, this is directed towards a younger age and there’s no really counter opinion. All you’re taught is you’re instructed to go against conservatism.

RUSH: Okay, so basically what we have here, you have a textbook in the Gender Studies class —

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: — that basically is written in a way to get the students to despise, hate, distrust, dislike conservatism and mentions that I am Mr. Conservative.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Therefore — and these women who don’t, most of them, listen, will now not be inspired to listen and will think that I am this hateful leader of conservatives who wants nothing more than to subjugate women into slavery or some other form of bondage?

CALLER: Exactly. They attack it also because capitalism, they claim that, you know, you’ll never get full employment. You’ll never have anyone employed under capitalism, so that’s why you need the government. And there’s no voice saying that conservatism promotes women. There’s no one saying directed to women, ‘Well, conservatism benefits you, promotes you. You know, you’re not dependent on the government. You’re to promote the individual, the individual worth, and not everything has to be fair and equal. That’s what the feminists and a lot of these women in this course, they just punch against that. Everything has to be fair and equal, and any time my questioner asks my teacher, it’s frustrating. It’s like talking to a brick wall.

RUSH: What university or college is this?

CALLER: California State University, Northridge.

RUSH: Cal State Northridge? Somewhat surprising.

CALLER: And this is a general education requirement, meaning I have to take this course in order to get my degree. They don’t offer conservative studies.

RUSH: Are you the only woman in the class that has remained immune from the teachings in the textbook?

CALLER: I’m not alone. I notice other people starting to question when we discuss things, I see there’s a social worker in the class who’s disgusted with the abuses in the welfare system. There’s an older woman who’s taking this class, and she’s confused. You can hear her asking things because she doesn’t understand. You know, I think she’s like kind of on the fence, if someone would just guide her.

RUSH: Okay, this is quite an indictment. I need your advice. I need your help, Kaisha.


RUSH: What, if anything, can I do? As Mr. Big, Mr. Conservative, what can I do to counter the rot that is in the textbook?

CALLER: I think that just being specific and addressing women, that, you know, conservatism embraces women, that we’re not against women, that we are for women. I just think women aren’t hearing that. They’re just hearing the negative. They’re paying money to be told that, you know, Reagan was against women. It’s really wrong. (laughs) It’s upsetting. So there’s no voice out there that’s directed specifically towards women. All the voice that’s out there is that conservatism is negative, defeats women.

RUSH: Well, let me tell you something. You know, we’re getting a liiiiittle bit astray here because we’ve moved now into what is the liberal curricula at most universities.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: And it’s anti-conservative, and it’s not aimed just at women and Gender Studies. It’s found in history. It’s found in political science. It’s found in English lit. It’s found in phys ed. The universities are aligned this way, and the way to rebut this is to just let these women get out of school and grow up. You know, this involves far more than me rehabilitating myself. This is requiring an all-out reaction and response to higher education at large by the entire conservative movement, and that’s one of the areas that needs focus. And there are some people doing great things on it, but I’m not surprised to hear any of this.

I’m looking at the faces on the other side of the glass here in the studio as you went through all this, Kaisha, and they’re stunned. They can’t believe that women are being taught this stuff about conservatism and capitalism. It doesn’t surprise me at all. I see it every day when people descend into idolatry for Barack Obama. I’ve seen it all my life. You know, I’m not going to sit here and allow myself to be upset at being labeled certain things by these women who are reading it in a textbook, while they’ve never listened to the program. There’s nothing I can do about it, is the bottom line. There’s not one thing I can do about what those women think when I don’t have access to them. They’re in the classroom. That’s a whole different thing that needs to be dealt with. I’m glad you called. I appreciate it, and it’s highly informative and instructive, but it presents us a new vista, so to speak, as an offshoot of the Female Summit. Before you go, Kaisha, let me ask you a question. Are you still there?

CALLER: I’m still here.

RUSH: Have you spoken to any of these women in the classroom about me and this program?

CALLER: You know what? I’m sneaky. What I’ll do is I have your website up while I’m on this online forum we’re in, and any time she promotes things that you talk about on your show, I go to your show; I pull up links that will help defend my argument; and I’m backed up. I don’t ever quote you. I feel like if I mention your name I’ll be slammed and labeled as you know being like an idiot or, you know, out there.

RUSH: Kaisha?

CALLER: But when I use — when I have the links to all the websites and the articles you read, it’s fabulous evidence in support, and it helps me to, you know —

RUSH: Kaisha?

CALLER: — dispel their points.

RUSH: Kaisha?


RUSH: I understand. But it’s time to man up.

CALLER: Okay. I wanted to let everybody know that I was on your show. (laughs)

RUSH: Now, I have an assignment. This is a great opportunity here, playing off of the Female Summit; and that is just find one of the women in the class that buys everything in the textbook, and invite her to listen to the program with you for an hour or two or three, one day. Just one. Not because you want her to change her mind. You don’t confront. It’s nonconfrontational, it’s nonargumentative, but you want her to understand you.


RUSH: You want her to understand you. Make sure that you are emotive when you do this. You want her feelings to understand who you are and so forth and we’ll make a little assignment. You stay in touch. You know how to get hold of us now. You report back.

CALLER: I will do that. I love homework. (giggles)

RUSH: That’s great. Homework, and you’ll have fun at the same time.


RUSH: You might have the opportunity to take this as a teachable moment yourself because this woman, whoever she ends up being, is obviously not going to know anything about the program. She’s going to come in with total misconceptions and preconceived notions, and you will be able to explain, delicately at first, how she is — not mistaken or wrong, but how she misunderstands something. It will be a great teachable moment, a great opportunity for you to practice your powers of persuasion.

CALLER: Well, I look forward to it. This is very exciting.

RUSH: Do that. Keep us informed. Report back, Kaisha.

CALLER: I will do so!

RUSH: Our Female Summit resumes after this.


RUSH: I’ve been sitting here thinking about the phone call from Kaisha and Dawn says, ‘Can’t you do anything about the way you’re being lied about in the textbooks?’ Maybe. I haven’t even looked into it because it’s the old public figure stuff. But it might be something worth looking into. I do know this. If all of a sudden I announced, believably and seriously, let’s say next week, that I’ve rethought my position on life, and I’m now against it, that I’m pro-choice, and then let news slip that I’ve been slapping some women around, I would be a hero in that textbook, like Bill Clinton is. Like James Carville is. (doing Carville impression) ‘Drag a dollar through a trailer park and what do you end up with? You end up with Paula Jones, that’s what you end up with, trailer trash.’ These books, to say that we conservatives demean women? It’s exact opposite of the truth. But nevertheless, she has her breakout group assignment. We’ll hear back from her after the exercise. Who’s next? Denise in Greer, South Carolina. You’re on the Female Summit, Rush Limbaugh. Hi.

CALLER: Oh, well, hello. What an honor, an unbelievable honor, calling you from the state of Jim DeMint, a wonderful US Senator, South Carolina. You have plenty of babes in South Carolina that listen to you and are very happy to be called babes and there’s plenty of Rush Babies that listen to you during the afternoon as well. My friends and I don’t sit around talking about Oprah. We discuss what you talked about.

RUSH: Yeah, but we don’t want people who love me in this hour.

CALLER: I know. Well, I took the challenge originally from my father-in-law, George. A couple years ago he said, ‘Oh, you gotta listen to him. You gotta stick with him for a couple of days. You can’t just listen to Rush for a ten-minute snippet with a child crying in the background, dog barking.’ So I’ve done that, I listen to you, probably four-out-of-five days a week, and if my children are done with their schoolwork they listen to you too because I home-school.

RUSH: Okay, but again, time is dwindling —

CALLER: I know. I took your challenge. During the election, I told a friend of mine who is an extremely conservative, very bright —

RUSH: Yes, but we want to hear about women who are not like you.

CALLER: She was listening to NPR. And I said, ‘You gotta try to listen to Rush Limbaugh.’ She did, she got hooked. You do not talk down to people, but I think that it’s because women are afraid to be women, they’re unhappy, they don’t want to put a pretty skirt on, they don’t want to be called pretty, they have been given a line that they have to be unhappy, grumpy, they have to be Hillary, they have to be yelling and screaming. They don’t understand that you treasure women, that you treat us kindly. I can tell when you talk to women — I can tell you that you do.

RUSH: Yes. Well, you know, it sounds like what you’re describing to me is peer pressure. It sounds like a lot of women simply fall to peer pressure to not like me, and it’s easier to just go along with the crowd than it is to stand up and be an individual. I appreciate the call, but again, we’ll get to the love and devotion of the program calls — (interruption) What, Snerdley? Well, she didn’t. Snerdley thinks that he got faked out by the caller. I don’t think so. I think if we’d have hung in there long enough we’d have finally gotten to what she was going to talk about. This woman likes a lot of foreplay.

Janet in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Welcome.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I have three things you can do to close your gender gap by at least 15 points.

RUSH: Thank you. I want to hear what they are.

CALLER: Okay, get your pencil. First one. Make women believe you care more about them than their own husbands do.

RUSH: Hmm.

CALLER: Second one. You need to project an air of vulnerability. You need to let women think they can roll you.

RUSH: Well, wait a minute. Rule me?


RUSH: Roll or rule?

CALLER: Roll. Well, one and the same. One and the same, very clever! You can do this! It’s not beyond you!

RUSH: All right, so I gotta make women believe I care more about them than their own husbands do, and I am vulnerable, I can be hurt.

CALLER: Yes. They can roll you. And you can do that by just marrying an Ivy League women from Chicago, Ivy League educated women from Chicago, that’s how most Democrats do it. And the third thing to do is stop saying abortion is the sacrament to liberalism. You can still say that liberalism is a religion because women like to think they’re religious, just drop the sacrament of abortion.

RUSH: Janet, you’re trying to emasculate me here. You’re trying to get me to shred every vestige of my identity here, to act like I can be hurt? Everybody can be hurt, but vulnerable? Vulnerable? Leaders run around acting like they’re vulnerable? I get the point, I get the point, you gotta be like Bill Clinton. (doing Clinton impression) ‘That means you gotta be able to lie. I don’t know how to lie.’


RUSH: Our preliminary report — and there will be a much more detailed report before our next Female Summit — it appears that women who have hated me have been led to me by other men and then have changed their opinion, which means something I have always known, that women do want to please their men.

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