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Rush’s Morning Update: Judas
February 23, 2009

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Bound to happen: California Democrats have succeeded. In the midst of this recession, taxpayers are going to get squashed again with an additional $13 billion of sales, personal income, and automobile taxes.

Governor Schwarzenegger saluted the lawmakers, calling their actions “courageous.” Republicans, however, are livid. The one-vote margin to inflict this latest misery on the taxpayers was secured when State Senator Abel Maldonado cut a deal with Democrats. Instead of the usual 30 pieces of silver (which would subject him to the higher tax rate),this senatortook something else that he craved:a ballot measure to create open primary election, to give moderates– like himself– a better shot at winning elections…and diluting conservative districts. Another Republican sellout!

Two other Republicans voted in favor of the tax hikes. One was Roy Ashburn of Bakersfield; the other Dave Cogdill of Modesto. Cogdill was the Republican senate leader until his own caucus tossed him overboard last week, fearful he’d cave in to Democrats.

So I want to congratulate all of the Republicans who held firm. You were outnumbered. You were subjected to intimidation; physically held hostage in chambers by the Democrat Leader. You did your best to protect the people in your state from the tyranny of a majority,whose governance is plunging your state into economic ruin.

But your valiant battle has not gone unnoticed,and neither have the actions of those who betrayed you. The fightwill continue — and that isa promise.

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