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RUSH: Shannon, East Springfield, Pennsylvania, hi, and welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I was listening to your first hour monologue, and you were talking about how they’re trying to direct welfare to the middle class. Well it’s already happening here in Pennsylvania. My mother called me about two, three weeks ago, she said, ‘Oh, there’s something in the Times, you know, I think you qualify for heating assistance.’ And I went, ‘What?’ I was a bit offended, but then I got something in a coupon circular — we’re advertising this now — that people in our income bracket, which is actually almost $60,000 a year, now qualify for help with our heating. And I was just dumbfounded.

RUSH: Well, not only that, if you made $85,000 a year, your children up to age 30 would be qualified for medical care under the recently signed into act S-CHIP program. You know what, you make $60 grand, and she’s insulted that she’s being hit on by heating and oil assistance circulars.

CALLER: And I’m thinking I’m having kind of a split personality now. Do I subsidize myself?

RUSH: That’s up to you. I’d send the thing back with no postage on it so that they have to pay it.

CALLER: I’m thinking I’d like to have a, thank you, I’ll take care of myself income tax credit —

RUSH: I’m so proud of you. I have to congratulate you, $60,000, and she thinks that she’s rich. She thinks that she’s above and doesn’t need these programs. I love you for that. What I actually said was they want to force people into welfare by causing them to lose their jobs, middle and upper class people. I think that’s the objective.

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