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“Every speech Obama makes is aimed at people who think they are victims of this country, and he is their champion.”

“The reason I call this the Rezko Rescue is that Barack Obama knows how hard it is to get what you want when it comes to buying a home. But with guys like Tony Rezko, you can always get what you want, whether you can afford it or not.”

“Obama got a house he couldn’t afford but the way he did it was with Rezko and his wife. So this plan, we ought to call this the Rezko Rescue, getting a great deal on a house you could never afford, and then having a sugar daddy, in this case the federal government, come along and make it good.”

“Obama has a mind-set that this country treats the disadvantaged very poorly and does so on purpose.”

“I think Obama has got a bug in his hair. I think he’s got a chip on his shoulder about race; I think he’s got a chip on his shoulder about poverty; I think he believes it’s caused and planned and maintained by power brokers, and I think what Obama’s doing behind all the flowery rhetoric is getting even.”

“I think Obama epitomizes what I have said about liberalism: You spread misery equally. That’s how you get equality.”

“There is an expiration date on every Obama statement. He can say today he doesn’t believe in it but then something of an ’emergency’ will come up in another day or two, in a week, and ‘force him’ to change his mind.”

“I didn’t realize the rage or the anger that is propelling the policies of this man and his rhetoric.”

“The only group in any Obama speech that is exempt from blame is government. Oh, he’ll use the word ‘from Washington to Wall Street, we’ve gotta get our act together,’ but he doesn’t single out anything as predatory in Washington, he doesn’t single out anything in Washington as negative except if it happened in the Bush years, or in the Reagan years.”

“Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana, says he may not take any stimulus money. He may not have a choice, though, based on how one reads the stimulus Porkulus verbiage.”

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