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Rush’s Morning Update: Celebrations
February 19, 2009

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Ihavethree celebrations today, folks. First, Republicans in Kansas won an important victory for taxpayers when Democrat Governor Kathleen Sebelius actually cut state spending and signed a balanced budget bill. Sebelius had insisted on using accounting gimmicks instead of spending cuts to get to a balanced budget, she suspended state income tax refund payments and threatened late paychecks for state workers. But theRepublicans stood firm. You voters in Kansas oughta thank them for having the onions to force the tax-and-spend governor to cave.

Celebration Two: California Democrats are still trying to turn one Republican to the dark side to give them enough votes to foist massive tax increases on California. But Republicans in the Democrat-controlled state legislature threw their own leader overboard and replaced him with a conservative. In what the Drive-Bys are calling a “late night coup,” Senate Republicans chose Dennis Hollingsworth as their new leader, because they think he’s more able to resist tax increases. Republicans in Californiashowing real onions.

Lastly: new economic numbers show losses for the private aviation industry. Corporate jet shipments dropped over 7 percent, marking the end to four straight years of growth. This sector employs over a million people, and generates $150 billion to the economy. So why is this celebration three? This one’s for liberals, who put corporate jets high on their hate list – unless they’re flying on them. Their nonstop demonizing is finally paying off! With coming aviation layoffs, Democrats in Congress and the Drive-Bys can pat themselves on the back for harming another industry. Congratulations, we know you love doing it boys.

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