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Rush’s Morning Update: Responsibility
February 16, 2009

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With the fate of their massive Porkulus spending package now decided, the Obama Administration is floating plans for the next scheme. What theywant to do is give homeowners who are facing foreclosure the money to keep their homes. Oh, what a beautiful thing!

According to anonymous sources briefed by Team Obama, the plan will spend taxpayer dollars so that foreclosed homeowners can cut their monthly payments. The cost of this largesse is expected to be $50 billion. (Don’t make me laugh! That’s not even a smidgen of what it’s going to cost!)

This is Obama’s “era of responsibility,” defined. The majority of us pay our mortgages on time,as well as our taxes– which can’t be said of a lot of Democrat nominees. Now, as an act of “responsibility,” we will be required to pay part of the mortgages of peoplewho should never have gotten a mortgage in the first place…because they couldn’t afford it!

When we’re done paying their mortgages,we will be asked to pay for the health care of those who can’t or won’t pay their own way –that’s on top of the existing trillions spent for programs that pay for everything from fraudulent vote registration groups to contraceptives.

If you play by the rules, and work hard to secure a future for yourselves and your families, you are being required to shoulder the consequences for those who refuse to do so, from Wall Streetto Main Street. This is not compassion. This is not moral. And most of all, it is not responsible.This is just puretheft.

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