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“If there aren’t any conservatives in the Northeast that can get elected, then fine — we don’t need any more Republicans In Name Only.”

“World stock markets are plunging; they have no confidence in the American economy right now. You know, none of this was supposed to happen, but believe me: this is where the Obamaites want us. This kind of fear and panic and crisis will allow them to come back and say, ‘We need another trillion.'”

“It’s worse than I thought out there: according to this survey, more than 80% of multimillionaires are cutting back on payments to their mistresses. You know it’s bad when the rich are cutting back on payments to mistresses.”

“I don’t know how in the world Abraham Lincoln could be called a bipartisan by anybody. Abraham Lincoln was one of the most partisan presidents we’ve ever had, and you know what his bias was? The Constitution.”

“Thank you, President Obama, and thank you, CNN. You are doing the job that everybody expects of you: taking every tradition and institution that defined this country’s greatness and trying to rip it to shreds.”

“You know, we Americans used to be proud that we built things. We used to be proud that we generated a GDP that created opportunities for prosperity for anybody who wanted to access our great capitalist system, but now we’re stigmatizing the whole thing.”

“I tell you what: I damn well would love to be able to convene my own hearings and find out what all these people in Congress are doing with our taxpayer money and pass judgment on their use of it — just as they’re passing judgment on everybody else’s use of their own private money.”

“What are you pointing at me for, Snerdley? You think I don’t know that it’s time to stop talking because the segment is over? Twenty years, and people still think I don’t know what I’m doing — and I’m not married to any of them!”

“People say, ‘Rush, why don’t you run for office?’ Because that’s the epitome of the problem. Running for office is asking people to put money in your hands. And if you think all of them are giving you that money just because they like your ideas, you’ve got another thing coming — they want a return.”

“Dawn just said to me, ‘This is just outrageous what Snerdley just did. He just called for six different flower arrangements for six different women. That’s just horrible!’ I said, ‘No, Dawn, that’s an insurance policy.'”

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