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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, Tuesday afternoon after the program I interviewed Bernard Goldberg on his latest book: A Slobbering Love Affair. It’s about the media totally in the tank for Obama, and he told a story of a phone call he had heard, a woman calling somebody that wanted to repossess her car, and we found it. This dovetails with Henrietta and Julio at Fort Myers at the Obama-Oprah show at Fort Myers — and I’m sure Brian, who called us from wherever he called moments ago, will be able to relate to this, too.
WOMAN: Uh yes…um… Y’all come to get the car? The car is not here. The car is in the shop and one part is at another shop. If y’all want it that bad, y’all can go pay that man to get it out and then pay the person to get the other part out. I mean, because y’all act like y’all couldn’t be patient. You knew that we was going to get it tookin’ care of. So if y’all want it that bad, y’all can go get it ya pay the man and the other man and you — we can we leave it as that. Cuz we not owin’ that much on the car. Y’all want to trip on it now, there… We only got, ahh — only a thousand or two thousand on it. So you know what? God bless y’all. Y’all can go pick up the car… So you know what? Give me a call back and I will give you the directions to where the man at, and I will let him know that y’all going to be paying him to get it out because y’all don’t be patient! We not rich like y’all. That’s one thing y’all going to have to understand. But one day — this year! — we will be, because we have Barack Obama! (slams down phone)

RUSH: (laughing) So this woman, obviously, her car was in the process of being repoed and it was in a repair shop, one part in one shop and one part in the other shop and the repo company was apparently hassling here. So she says, ‘Come and get it come and get it we’re not rich like y’all. We’re not rich but we going to be one day this year because we got Barack Obama.’ I want to be around when this woman’s not rich in five years from now or four years. I want to be around and just… I’d love to talk to her. Tony in Kennebunkport, Maine. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush, and congratulations on a marvelous job on the aviation. I’m a former corporate jet pilot, and you did a great job with it.

RUSH: Well, thank you. You mean detailing the business that’s involved and all that? You know, I didn’t even get to the parts. You know, just like there are auto parts, there are parts for airplanes. I’ll just tell you about mine. Going into Teterboro one day, it was a GIV, it got a crack in the windshield. Do you know what the windshield replacement cost — just the right side, not the whole thing, just one right side window?

CALLER: I’d love to have that money in my checking account right now.

RUSH: (laughing) $75,000.


RUSH: You wouldn’t believe how thick the glass is in a windshield! People don’t stop to think about this, the thickness of glass of the windshield in an airplane that flies 600 miles an hour has to be. The parts industry that supports aviation, private and general and commercial, it’s like any other business. All these people see is these reprobate CEOs, and then they see a picture of a corporate jet in the newspaper or on TV — then they remember watching Dynasty with John Forsythe flying around. There’s no private jet that has the interior the size his was. It was all Hollywood, but they had just a total misconception. I think economics is so improperly, inaccurately taught throughout our education system.

CALLER: Absolutely. Absolutely. But, Rush, you did a great job of that —

RUSH: Well…

CALLER: — and you finished it up just now with the parts business.

RUSH: I couldn’t think of it all at one time. It’s so massive. It’s just like any other moving parts business. I don’t think people stop long enough to think about what it takes to make an airplane fly and to keep it in the air. You have a mechanic on hand. Things go wrong with these things. Do you realize, folks, you got redundancy in the cockpit? You got two fuel gauges on new airplanes. You’ve got two fuel gauges for each tank. If one of them goes, a federal regulation says you can’t fly. Certain airplanes, depending on if you’re Part 91 or Part 135… It’s astounding the way these things are regulated to boot and the cost of money that that entails. But it’s a genuine business, and it exists because of demand. There are people who need their own airplanes. To see the segments of our society get demonized here and demonized there? There’s an all-out assault on capitalism that’s using the shallow thinking of poor guys like Brian that called us a half hour ago, to succeed.

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