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RUSH: I gotta make a name correction here. I read the story from the San Francisco Chronicle, and I mispronounced the first name of the reporterette. I called her ‘Kah-lee’ Milner, and her name is actually pronounced ‘Ki.’ It’s C-a-i-l-l-e, and Debra Saunders (my good buddy who writes a column out there) sent me this note. I wouldn’t industry it as scathing, but it was not, ‘Hey, Rush, how are you? By the way…’ It was, ‘Her name is pronounced ‘Ki,’ as in kayak.’ Okay, so I wrote back and said, ‘How the hell can anybody get that from the name this name is spelled?’ She wrote back, ‘It’s French!’ You’re uneducated — you know, parentheses, or implied — you uneducated boob. ‘It’s French. Everybody knows that that’s ‘Ki.’ It’s French.’ So I wrote back: ‘I’m German. Screw the French!’ So anyway, it’s Caille Milner who wrote the story about American Apparel being run out of the mission district before it even got there, and it really is a great piece. Caille Milner. C-a-i-l-l-e. You know, if I ran newspapers and magazines, I’d put pronunciations by everything that looks odd, not that… I don’t mean odd, but… (sigh) Sorry, Deborah. It just doesn’t look like anything that you would… You just need more pronunciation guys out there. Yeah. I mean, French needs to have a pronunciation guide with it.


RUSH: All right, the ongoing saga of the back-and-forth with Debra Saunders at the San Francisco Chronicle, did a story by a woman I thought was pronounced Caille Milner, get a note, ‘It’s Caille as in kayak,’ I wrote back, ‘Who the hell could figure that out from the way it’s spelled?’ She wrote back, ‘It’s French.’ I wrote back, ‘Screw the French, I’m German.’ She just replied, ‘Think Cajun.’ So now Caille is Cajun, not quite French, it’s a mixture. So my reply will be up coming. Think Cajun, I think Katrina, not Caille. (interruption) If I’d gone to what? Diversity school? If I’d gone to diversity school I could understand the C-a-i-l-l-e is pronounced Caille as in kayak? If I went to diversity school? I’ve never seen it. You learn something each and every day. First it was French, now it’s Cajun. I’m also thinking Carville, which makes me think of UFOs.


RUSH: By the way, another note from Debra Saunders at the San Francisco Chronicle, I mispronounced the name of the mayor of Las Vegas. I called him Oscar Goldman, and it’s Goodman, and that was just verbal dyslexia. I know his name is Goodman, I just pronounced it Goldman. Thanks, Debra. Debra’s been monitoring the program today making sure I pronounce people’s names correctly.

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