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RUSH: This, ladies and gentlemen, is a classic illusion of what is wrong. It involves General Motors, and it puts the lie to this whole notion that the stimulus bill is about creating jobs. This is a Reuters story: ‘General Motors said today that it will cut its global salaried workforce by about 10,000 or 14% this year and it will impose pay cuts on most remaining white-collar US workers as it scrambles to slash costs under a restructuring mandated by the US government bailout.’ Now, wait a minute. Wait a damn minute. I thought the government was trying to stimulate the economy. I thought Obama and his bunch were trying to create jobs. Yet here we have General Motors slashing jobs to live up to government mandates.

You see, my friends, this is what happens when the government, can’t even run their own damn dining room in the Senate, tries to manage the economy. What’s being done to Wall Street with this populism and all this business of limiting executive pay, the amount of revenue generated via taxes is going to plunge, but that shouldn’t surprise anybody about liberals. They don’t care about the revenue generation of taxes. ‘Rush, how can you say that?’ Well, because, every instance from JFK to Ronaldus Magnus to George W. Bush, cutting taxes increased revenue to the Treasury — and they fight it, they’re opposed it. They don’t care about revenue, as they’re demonstrating to us now, they’ll be happy to print the money when they’re in charge, they’ll be happy to run deficits. It’s about power, it is about control. It is about taking over as much of your life and America’s private sector as possible. Obama was asked last night by Jake Tapper, ‘President Obama, what are your measures for success here?’

Not one answer, not one element of his answer did he talk about revenue generation, because they don’t care about that. In fact, when tax cuts raise revenue, Democrats move into fast action to revise history and talk about how just the exact opposite happened. They want to call these tax cuts the creators of these large deficits. That’s another thing, Obama is out there, ‘I inherited, I inherited, I inherited, oh, woe is me, I didn’t want this to be the first thing I had to do in my presidency, oh, woe is me,’ but he voted for every damn thing that led to all this. So General Motors is going to can 10,000 people, 14%, white-collar people. A lot of Americans will applaud, the unions will applaud, liberal Democrats will applaud, ‘About time the white-collar people–‘ There is an all-out war on achievement in this country, be it on Wall Street, be it in the executive suite in the heartland, and it’s being conducted by Barack Obama and the Democrat Party, an all-out war on achievement. The achievers are to be punished, and they are to learn that they are never to achieve again. There will be penalties; there will be harsh criticism; there will be demonstrations outside your house.

Yes, my friends, the big CEOs in some of the Wall Street banks are being protested in the lobbies of their buildings and on their front yards where they live. There has been a creation of hatred, and it has been building for decades, it’s coming to a fore now, as the Barack Obama administration focuses genuine hatred on the achiever class. I don’t just mean Wall Street. If you have a small business and you achieve and you’ve got a couple cars and a nice house in this economic climate, you’re a target, my friend. You are a target. You are not playing by the rules, it’s unfair, it’s not right, you are to be gotten even with. So here’s Obama, out of one side of his mouth, ‘I want to create jobs, I want people back working, I want people to be able to own their houses,’ and yet the very mandate that goes along with General Motors bailout is forcing a 10,000 employee cut, as GM scrambles to cut costs under a restructuring mandated by US government bailout.

So the US government, under the guise of saving General Motors, is causing 10,000 jobs to be lost, while Obama flapping his gums down in Fort Myers, Florida, talking to the great unwashed about how all he wants to do is get their jobs back. I don’t know, I’ll never be able to prove it, but I hope that there are some dingleberries out there who actually believe that by now their job would be back and Obama would be buying their gasoline, I hope they’re starting to wonder where the hell that is. I hope there are some Obama supporters starting to wonder, ‘Hey, where’s my job? Hey, where’s my mortgage? Hey, where’s my gasoline money?’ The longer this goes with people staying impoverished, the more people are going to begin to wonder. He’s not going to be able to get away with blaming all this on George Bush, the media is going to help him do this, make no mistake about it. Here’s more from General Motors: ‘In the struggling automaker’s home market, about 3,400 of 29,500 white-collar jobs will be cut.’ This will no doubt trigger more home foreclosures, people will lose their jobs, talking white-collar people, unemployment benefits are not enough to pay the mortgage. ‘Most jobs will be cut by May 1, and most remaining US staff will see pay cuts of between 3 percent and 10 percent for the year, GM said. The job and pay cuts come in addition to buyout offers for GM’s union workers and represent the latest step by the automaker to pare its operations ahead of a deadline to present a restructuring plan to the US government on Feb. 17.’ Notice who is not losing their jobs. Union people.

United Auto Workers are not losing their jobs, and this is part of the scheme as well. There is an all-out war on achievement in this country, and it has been mandated in a bailout of Big Three automakers by the Obama administration. ‘GM has offered buyouts to its 62,000 US workers represented by the United Auto Workers union.’ You see, behind every economic catastrophe you will find a powerful union. In California they’re suing each other over furloughing state employees. Of course, don’t misunderstand. You union people, we support the workers. We love workers. I am the most supportive person in the world of work. I just don’t support the unions. But I support workers, just like I support the president. I just don’t support his policies. ‘General Motors also said that executive pay would be cut by 10% for the rest of the year. Salaried workers in the US whose jobs are eliminated will be eligible for severance pay and some benefit assistance. General Motors had suspended some benefits for salaried workers in November,’ the nonunion people. Had they tried that with the unions all hell would have broken loose. So there you have it. There you have it. General Motors laying off all kinds of people, firing all kinds of people, cutting back salaries, all to be in compliance with a federal mandate from an administration that claims its number one objective is getting people their jobs back.


RUSH: It’s even worse than I thought, ladies and gentlemen. Mere moments ago, in the previous hour of this, the Rush Limbaugh program, I just fired both barrels, and I said, ‘The Obama bailout plan is not about creating jobs; it’s about targeting achievers, propping up losers, making as many people dependent on government as possible, and telling as many businesses how they have to operate,’ and I used the General Motors example. Here we’re bailing out General Motors. They have to fire 10,000 people. They’re cutting the pay of a bunch of white-collar people. All of this to get in the restructuring mandated by the federal government as terms of the bailout. So here’s Obama, and here are the Democrats saying all they’re interested in is creating jobs for people, and yet General Motors accepting bailout money is having to let 10,000 people go, and a lot of other people are getting pay cuts. This is just the tip of the iceberg, however. That’s just one example.

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