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“Obama said people can’t spend money if they don’t have it. Well, that never stops the government, does it?”

“This guy is not carrying himself in a manner that is presidential. You know, I’m conflicted about this guy. There’s a part of me that says he’s just over his head in all of this and is finally coming to that realization.”

“I still find it extremely laughable that Obama wants Republican support for this bill. Folks, if this bill is the panacea that he says it is, he ought to want to hog all the credit for his party!”

“The Democrats think that claiming I lead the Republican Party is going to destroy it. Ha! I am the only hope it has!”

“We are on a road with a fork in it, folks. We can either take the fork to the Moscow of the 1970s or we can take the fork to China — that’s the road to recovery Barack Obama is offering.”

“Why do the Democrats not care about tax increases? We now know: because they don’t pay taxes! Period!”

“Now I know why Pelosi and Reid had no intention of seeing to it that Hillary Clinton became the Democrat nominee: because they can run Obama around.”

“So now Biden’s out there saying, ‘If we do everything right, there’s still a 30% chance we’re going to get it wrong.’ Ha, ha! ‘Follow me, boys! We’re going to see General Custer!'”

“This bill is not going to put money in people’s pockets — this is going to take money out of people’s pockets. Where do you think this money the government’s going to spend is coming from? Who is it that produces the wealth in this country? It’s not the government!”

“What’s being done in the name of ‘economic stimulus’ and ‘jobs’ is one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on the American people.”

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