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RUSH: It’s an annual tradition to discuss the Super Bowl on the Friday before the game with Ken Hutcherson, a man of the cloth, a man of God with his own church and flock in Seattle, Washington. He’s a former player for the NFL. He played in the ‘Too Tall’ Jones era with the Dallas Cowboys. He was a mike linebacker, and he joins us from Seattle. Great to have you here, Hutch. It’s always a pleasure.

THE HUTCH: How you doing, Rush?

RUSH: I could not be better since you are here, sir.

THE HUTCH: I tell you, man, it’s going to be a great Sunday.

RUSH: Yeah, and I know… We want to discuss this. Last time — well, 2005 or 2006 when we did this — it was really tough because you couldn’t get past the homer status that you felt for the Seahawks.

THE HUTCH: (chuckling)

RUSH: You kept talking about the Killer B’s [Seahawks defense], and there wasn’t much football analysis. We want to do football analysis here, and how do you see this shaping up?

THE HUTCH: Well, you know, one of the things, Rush, I wanted to say before we get going, before we have some fun here is: I know you don’t like all these friends putting all these accolades on you, but brother, I want to tell you right off the bat. I am so proud of you taking all these hits. There’s not very many people out there that’s standing up, and when they attack you, Rush, they attack me, they attack every EIB listener. That is the idea, to attack every conservative — and this president, when he said what he said about you, didn’t know that he was not just attacking you. He is attacking ideologues. He’s attacking every conservative and telling Congress not to listen to us. So this president shows so little class. I haven’t seen a president with such little class since LBJ picked his dog up by the ears.

RUSH: Ooh! Well, that’s… (laughing)

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: It’s interesting you use ears. (laughing)

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: Thank you very much, my brother. I really appreciate your saying that. The North Carolina mistress sent me a note saying, ‘I don’t know how you’re putting up with this. I don’t know how. I would have been reduced to muddle after a day or two of this.’ I said, ‘Well, it’s been 20 years. To me, I’ve had to take this kind of stuff as a sign of success. I’m actually enjoying it because of the opportunity it presents.’

THE HUTCH: Yeah, absolutely.

RUSH: But I appreciate your kind words. I really do.

THE HUTCH: You bet. And just let everybody know out there, I just want to tell everyone that we ought to thank God for this man, and that we are being attacked, too. This president is telling the leadership not to listen to us. So don’t let Rush take all the heat. You let Congress know. We’re not taking this and we will be heard.

RUSH: Amen, brother. (clapping) Amen.

THE HUTCH: Well, let’s talk football, my man.

RUSH: All right, now, let’s go through the conventional wisdom. You heard me talk with Coach Dungy yesterday?

THE HUTCH: Absolutely.

RUSH: And I asked him: The conventional wisdom here is that this game is going to be the Steelers defense against Cardinals offense, and Larry Fitzgerald is superhuman. This guy is on a roll. He’s hot right now, and you could triple cover him, and you can’t stop him.

THE HUTCH: Well, that’s what Troy said, you know? Polamalu, he said, ‘I just don’t know what to do with him. This guy is just out there somewhere,’ and I think that Coach’s statement really surprised me yesterday when you asked him about Larry Fitzgerald. I was just amazed that he would say that the Steelers are gonna try to get someone else to hurt him instead of him. That’s a bad statement, and I think that maybe Coach made that statement, we may know why he’s lost more playoff games than he won.

RUSH: (laughing)

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: Uhhh. Ahem. Ahem!

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: The Hutch not holding back! Well, I think, you know, when I asked him about Fitzgerald, he said, ‘No, that’s not true.’ He said, ‘There’s a lot hype here.’ Not Polamalu said it, but James Harrison, who is the Steelers sack leader.


RUSH: He also said this week that the game plan has him dropping into coverage, that he’s not going to be rushing and he’s very upset with the game plan. He doesn’t like it, but he can’t change it. Well, now… (snorts)

THE HUTCH: Well, you know the only way…

RUSH: You know that’s not true!

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: Why would he say that? Why would he tell the truth to the Cardinals? This is little mind games going on, I think just like Polamalu playing mind games with Fitzgerald. But I don’t care with the players. The consensus of the media and all these great analysts is that Fitzgerald can’t be stopped. It’s like there’s never been a receiver like him, and, you know, I resist the tug of popular sentiment on this.

THE HUTCH: Well, what are you gonna do with him? What are the Steelers going to do with the guy?

RUSH: (sigh) Well —

THE HUTCH: I’m asking you. If you was the coach, what would you do with him besides send ten of your 11 guys to make sure they sack Warner before he’s able to throw it? That’s about the only way you going to stop this boy —

RUSH: All right.

THE HUTCH: — is to be able to sack Warner.

RUSH: Let me give you a guy that has a different opinion.


RUSH: Warren Sapp wrote a piece in USA Today yesterday, and he said the biggest mistake anybody — and the Steelers included — could make is to blitz Warner. When you blitz Warner, he has the quick release. You get the three-step timing. He’s going to get rid of the ball. You’re going to have not enough people in the secondary to handle the Fitzgeralds and the Breastons. They’ve got three guys there. They’ve got Boldin, they’ve got Breaston, and they’ve got Fitzgerald. They do have a pretty good wide-receiving corps. So his theory was you drop seven back, you fake some blitzes and so forth. But the more time Warner has, the more the play breaks down. That’s his theory.

THE HUTCH: (laughing) Did he actually say that?

RUSH: Yeah!

THE HUTCH: Oh, my goodness, man. Where’s he getting his football information from? You better not give Kurt much ground.

RUSH: I’m just telling you what Sapp said — and, by the way, if you look at the Steelers, when Roethlisberger scrambles, every play is backyard football. There is not… Most of the Steelers’ big plays this year are not executed as drawn up, and the defense gets all whacked out because when he starts scrambling, escapes sacks, those receivers start improvising. Nobody knows where they’re going to be except Roethlisberger watching them. That’s something that actually troubles me. I’d rather see the offensive plays executed to a T, but basically Sapp was saying what Roethlisberger’s able to exploit. Warner isn’t.

THE HUTCH: Well, that’s because if Ben has a lot of time he’s not scrambling, right? He’s sitting in the pocket.

RUSH: That’s true. That’s true. That’s true.

THE HUTCH: If he has a lot of time and they are only sending three guys up front that, 3-4… See, the biggest problem with the 3-4 with Kurt Warner is that even if they send a stunt at him, he’s gonna sit back there; play-action pass, and hit 15 yard passes all day long; ’cause those four linebackers are not going to be able to get back there. They could drop Harrison back all they want, but he’s not going to be able to cover that type of throwing ability of Kurt Warner with play-action passes.

RUSH: No, but I’ll give you the name of a guy who could.


RUSH: Lawrence Timmons, second year, linebacker.

THE HUTCH: Yeah. Yeah, I know.

RUSH: Number —

THE HUTCH: Number 94, right?

RUSH: That’s right. Now, he’s able to do this. LaMarr Woodley, also second-year linebacker, he’s on the other side of Harrison rushing the quarterback.


RUSH: But Timmons, how come you think the Cardinals going to be able to complete 15 yard passes all the way down the field when no other team has been able to do it against the Steelers?

THE HUTCH: Because most teams don’t have — now, you like the environmental wacko picks for football, right?

RUSH: Yeah.

THE HUTCH: You do a great job of that, but you know I’m a man of the cloth.

RUSH: Right.

THE HUTCH: And the man of the cloth always goes from the spiritual aspect of what happening, right?

RUSH: That’s right. That’s right.

THE HUTCH: That’s why I told you last year there’s no way in the world that Brady was going to win because he thought he was God and asked God to get out of the seat. You remember that?

RUSH: I do remember, and you said that right here on this program.

THE HUTCH: That’s right. So right now, the Steelers got a real bad problem. They got the unholy trinity over there that they gotta deal with, and the reason why they going to whip up on them all day down the field with play-action passes is because they got their unholy trinity.

RUSH: Who’s the unholy trinity?

THE HUTCH: They got Breaston, they got Boldin, and they got Fitzgerald.

RUSH: And they’re 9-and-7! (sigh)

THE HUTCH: For those down there in Rio Linda, that is a triple triangle with Larry Fitzgerald being at the apex. ‘Apex,’ down there in Rio Linda, it means ‘the top.’ So these three guys gonna put so much pressure on that secondary that if they got play-action passes, Rush, they going to have a real bad day, and it may be even embarrassing as a matter of fact.

RUSH: (snorting)

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing) Ladies and gentlemen, I remind you he’s talking about a 9-7 football team here.

THE HUTCH: Oh, oh, oh! You want to go there?

RUSH: The Arizona Cardinals.

THE HUTCH: Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers beat to get to the Super Bowl in the playoffs? An 8-8 team and another team they had already beaten twice.

RUSH: Yeah, but beating them… That’s the Baltimore Ravens, and that was a war. I mean, that’s war.


RUSH: And then the Chargers. You’re putting the Chargers down? You played for the Chargers.

THE HUTCH: I absolutely did, but for one season. I was glad to get out of there.

RUSH: Well, I know what you’re saying. The Chargers were hot when they got in the playoffs, to an extent. You’re saying the Cardinals are hot now. The 9-7 doesn’t matter.

THE HUTCH: That’s right. Now they believe that they can win. Remember, we have talked about this before. When you’ve got a football team that believes they cannot lose and a team that believes they can win, that’s two different teams, and I believe the Cardinals right now has victory in their eyes and do not believe anyone can stop them — and Pittsburgh has two things I haven’t heard anyone mention that is going to be a big factor in this game on Sunday; outside of Warner, 11-year veteran who knows how to release that ball quickly, and if you try to stun him, he’s going to beat you to death, and besides the triple threat of 1,000-yard receiving that has never been done, is the fact that they got such a physical game against the Ravens. Remember that?

RUSH: Yeah.

THE HUTCH: It was such a physical game. Even though it’s been two weeks, that is still very difficult to bounce back on. The Cardinals did not have as physical a game as Pittsburgh did. And number two, the Cardinals never stood on the field and watched McGahee lay there and was totally knocked out for as long as they did. That’s a psychological effect on a football player who knows he’s playing his last game and don’t want to be hurt.

RUSH: Yeah, but they’ve seen tape of it and they know that the Steelers… They probably haven’t played a team like the Steelers in terms of those kinda hits. I know the NFL, most teams in the NFL are really, really, really close in terms of talent and so forth. But I mean —

THE HUTCH: Big hitters. Woo!

RUSH: Now, they’re watching tape of McGahee, or is the coach not showing it to him? They saw it. They know what happened. They know who Ryan Clark is.

THE HUTCH: Everybody saw it.

RUSH: Yeah.

THE HUTCH: But it’s a totally different thing, Rush. It’s one thing for me to watch you behind that Golden Microphone, right?

RUSH: Right.

THE HUTCH: It’s another thing for me to sit behind the Golden Microphone. Would you agree?

RUSH: Yeah, but I don’t know what… The Steelers have been there.


RUSH: The Steelers were there three years ago.

THE HUTCH: Yeah. But, man, you’re sitting there and you’re watching a buddy, I guarantee you McGahee was snoring by the time he hit the ground. You get knocked out that bad, you’re snoring. You know that, right?

RUSH: Yeah. I can see it.

THE HUTCH: (laughs) And you’re sitting there, and you saw all the guys sitting there watching. It’s just a psychological thing, man. Guys do not like to get hurt in the last game.

RUSH: All right. So let’s say Ryan Clark —


RUSH: — or somebody lays out somebody on the Cardinals in the opening kickoff like also happened in the Baltimore game.

THE HUTCH: Yeah. Ryan’s a good free safety.

RUSH: They sent three guys to the sidelines. All three needed stretchers. Only one of them got one. But they sent three weeks ago. What if that happens? You’re making this sound like this is a foregone conclusion that it’s almost automatic the Cardinals are going to win here because of these intangible factors, plus… Well, the tangible ones you’ve mentioned.

THE HUTCH: Well, I think — plus also I got somebody on my side that you don’t. You know that, right?

RUSH: Who?

THE HUTCH: I got the greatest, most powerful black woman that ever had a position in the United States on my side: Condoleezza Rice!

RUSH: She’s a Cardinals fan?

THE HUTCH: She says, ‘I believe Pittsburgh may do it,’ but on The View of all places, yesterday, she says, ‘I am pulling for the Cardinals.’ You are… Woooo! You are out there, brother: two black people against one white guy. You don’t have chance. (laughing)

RUSH: Yeah, but I got Barack Obama and Michelle Obama on my team.

THE HUTCH: (huge laugh)

RUSH: Because they’re Steelers fans.

THE HUTCH: You know you gonna lose then. (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing) I gotta take a quick commercial time-out. Okay, we’ve looked at the Arizona offense. We’ll ask The Hutch about the Steelers offense when we when we come back right after this. Don’t go away.


RUSH: We’re back, with Ken Hutcherson, The Hutch, in Seattle talking the Super Bowl. He just gave us an analysis of the Arizona offense that makes them sound unstoppable. Tell us about the Steelers offense and your thoughts about ‘85%’ Hines Ward.

THE HUTCH: Oh, my goodness. That’s a boy right there. That’s what you call a man-child. If you gonna put a team together, you want him on your team. Santonio Holmes. They’re great wide receivers, and I think that if Ben has time — I think the rest coming from, you know, the four down linemen — the Cardinals is going to give them a little trouble. But if he’s got time, man, they going to eat the Cardinals defense up.

RUSH: Now, that’s interesting. I disagree with Coach Dungy, too. Coach Dungy said that the Steelers defense against the Arizona offense is the key matchup. I think it’s the Steelers offense against the Arizona defense, ’cause the Steelers haven’t scored 30 points very often in this season. They’ve had a very sluggish offense. Their running game has not been traditional Steelers big.


RUSH: They haven’t been able to rely on it.

THE HUTCH: Willie Parker is coming around. He’s doing a real good job for them this year, though.

RUSH: Well, he’s been hurt a lot. He’s hot now. That’s why I look at regular season statistics doesn’t really tell much about this doesn’t.

THE HUTCH: No it doesn’t matter. Right.

RUSH: Ward. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a sprained ACL or MCL, whatever he’s got.


RUSH: It takes two weeks to heal, a knee brace. Can he really be a factor?

THE HUTCH: Oh, yeah. I mean, you know, it’s a according to what they did, how they let it rest and if they didn’t shoot it up too much with cortisone.

RUSH: That’s right. The old painkilling injection.

THE HUTCH: Yeah, so I think that we gonna know the first couple of series on what he’s going to be like, bro. And if he comes back out full speed, it was like T.O. several years ago. Remember when he got hurt? And that boy came back after a couple weeks rest and he just ate up the field. So if Harrison can do that, it will make it an interesting game.

RUSH: And it’s fascinating, too, because T.O. did not throw up during the last drive —

THE HUTCH: That’s right.

RUSH: — of the Eagles Super Bowl. Who was it the Eagles played?

THE HUTCH: I can’t even think of it.

RUSH: Normally you remember who wins Super Bowl, but I can’t.

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing) It was the Patriots. It was Tomlin, Mike Tomlin versus Whisenhunt. All this talk about Whisenhunt knows Roethlisberger because he was the offensive coordinator and Whisenhunt’s got trick plays. Whisenhunt knows these guys left and right, the Arizona head coach Tomlin in his second year. What’s the coaching factor here?

THE HUTCH: I think you got a great factor any time that you know what the other team can do and will do. I think that the Cardinals got a little better advantage on knowing what the Pittsburgh Steelers can do than the Pittsburgh coach, of course, knowing — and the Pittsburgh coach, he’s a young coach. I think there’s going to be some pressure on him going into this. But it’s wide open, if you could keep these guys healthy. I think Ben is going to be… I think you and Bettis. Bettis thinks this is going to be offense from Pittsburgh and the defense from the Cardinals is going to be the big issue?

RUSH: Yes, Bettis thinks that, too, he thinks the game is going to come down to whether Arizona can stop — see, here’s the prevailing opinion I get: that if Arizona can stop Pittsburgh on offense, that eventually the Pittsburgh defense going to have to give because of those three wide receivers you’re talking about.

THE HUTCH: Yeah. Well, I don’t know. I don’t think back to conventional wisdom but I think the conventional wisdom is that people gotta look at this game is regardless what the Pittsburgh offense does, if the defense can hold them, the Cardinals defense can hold them to one-to-two touchdowns per half, it is in way in the world they going to win this game, no way. Because you’re not going to stop these wide receivers. Look what happened against Philadelphia, Rush. Fitzgerald had three touchdowns the first half and he quit throwing to him. They didn’t throw to him ’til the last drive of the fourth quarter. That’s stupid is what stupid does. So the conventional wisdom is you better stop the trinity over there and hope that the defense —

RUSH: Come on, Hutch.

THE HUTCH: — can score.

RUSH: Hutch?


RUSH: With all due respect —

THE HUTCH: Go ahead.

RUSH: — you are equating the number one defense in the National Football League with the Philadelphia Eagles defense.

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: Now, the Philadelphia Eagles defense, they get hyped up by all these TV guys but it’s not even in the same league as the Steelers.

THE HUTCH: They’re not the hitters. I agree. They’re not the hitters. They are not the players, but the people — those three receivers, with Kurt Warner — is the same regardless of who they’re playing.

RUSH: All right, all right. Look, I have another break. When we come back, final breakdown. Special teams, turnovers, those are the intangibles that you cannot predict.

THE HUTCH: That’s right.

RUSH: I’ll get your thoughts on that anyway and ultimately who’s gonna win right after this. Don’t go away.


RUSH: Okay, we are back with The Hutch on the phone with us from Seattle. Hutch, every day I learn more. I become more observant. My memory seems to get better, become more mature about things, even with my fandom and love for football. One thing that I was thinking about this last night in preparing to talk to you. It seems like one of the things that what always happens is unexpected, like I remember the Redskins against the Broncos one year, a running —

THE HUTCH: Oh, yeah.

RUSH: — that had two yards all season. Timmy Smith was the MVP or came close to Doug Williams. I’m looking at something like that, because these teams have had a season full of tape to look at each other on.


RUSH: I wouldn’t be surprised now because I’ve been looking for the unexpected. Number 14 for the Steelers, Limas Sweed — a second year, maybe the first-year receiver — he’s had the hands of Dr. No.


RUSH: He can’t catch anything.

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: He has dropped practically everything.

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: I wouldn’t be surprised since I’m looking at things this way with Ward being not a hundred percent, and looking for the Steelers to surprise Whisenhunt, if Limas Sweed is given a chance tomorrow to be a game breaker.

THE HUTCH: It’s Any Given Sunday, right, bro?

RUSH: Yeah.

THE HUTCH: Any Given Sunday. I just think it would be too much pressure on Sweed. I could be absolutely wrong. But he could be a game breaker. I think the game breaker is going to be the specialty teams, and I think that you just see that in a Super Bowl — especially if it’s tight, Rush — it’s going to come down to the specialty teams. And I hate to admit it, but I think the Cardinals got a little bit better advantage in the specialty teams because they just got a better round of talent there. Very few people know that the holders for extra points and for field goals is a very important person on specialty teams, ’cause —

RUSH: Now, this is a first.

THE HUTCH: — he’s gonna dictate what’s going to happen.

RUSH: This is a first.

THE HUTCH: Yeah, it is.

RUSH: You have broken new ground. We’re talking the Super Bowl, and you are saying the game may hinge on holders!

THE HUTCH: Well, I think it… No, not the holders.

RUSH: I can’t wait to call ESPN on this.

THE HUTCH: One holder, and that is the Steelers are the only ones that has their holder basically do other things that can get hurt, and that is, Pittsburgh’s holder is the punter, Mitch Berger. If something happens to him we got a bad case of what’s going to happen with field goal and extra points. You know how many games are won with field goal and extra points.

RUSH: They got a back-up holder.

THE HUTCH: They better get ready to use him, bro!

RUSH: You know who it is?


RUSH: Do you know who it is?


RUSH: Hines Ward. (laughing)

THE HUTCH: You’re kidding me!

RUSH: So you may have a point. (laughing)

THE HUTCH: (laughing) Well, we better pray that Hines stay healthy, my brother.

RUSH: You’re making it sound here like these teams are pretty equal.

THE HUTCH: No, I’m not!

RUSH: On paper, I think the Steelers mop the floor with these guys but everybody is enamored of Kurt Warner and these three receivers. But really Warner. I never met him, but apparently anybody that has says he’s one of the greatest guys you could ever meet and there’s a lot of, shall we say, ‘hope’ —

THE HUTCH: Yeah, yeah.

RUSH: — that he’s able to redeem himself from his last Super Bowl loss with the Rams against the Patriots. So what do you think? How is it going to end?

THE HUTCH: Well, I think that the Cardinals are gonna end, and if they do not have a lull like Kurt Warner always does: Remember he did that big ol’ lull when he won the Super Bowl with Tennessee? Remember that?

RUSH: Yeah.

THE HUTCH: The third quarter and the first of the fourth quarter like sometimes he just dies. I don’t know. His brain goes to sleep or something, and then the same thing happened with Philadelphia. So if there’s not a lull, it won’t be close, but I think that the Cardinals are going to pull it out by probably ten points.

RUSH: Ten points! They’re going to cover.


RUSH: The spread’s depending where you look, six to seven. So the Cardinals cover, from The Hutch.


RUSH: Well, I’m going to tell you what I think, my brother.


RUSH: I think blowout 34-10 Steelers.


RUSH: And I’ll tell you what. I think it’s the job of the NFL and the writers to hype every Super Bowl game for audience to make sure that each team is portrayed as having a legitimate shot. We are talking… Ahem. You know, and I love Arizona, don’t misunderstand. John McCain lives there, but I still love Arizona.

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: We’re talking about a team that has never been there. I don’t see this seven, ten-point victory by the Arizona Cardinals over a legendary National Football League franchise.

THE HUTCH: Yeah, but you know….

RUSH: I mean, they’re not the Jets with Joe Namath, here.

THE HUTCH: Yeah, but you got one problem, Rush, that always comes when it comes to football. You always allow your emotions to get in the way of facts. You got the captain, 11-year veteran, Kurt Warner who’s been there not once, twice, but this is his third time. So don’t count that out. With the strike team he has? Bro, it could be more than ten points.

RUSH: All right. Well, we will see. Where you watching the game?

THE HUTCH: I going to be at home so I can go to the bathroom when I want to.

RUSH: Well, that —

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: Hutch, I love you, my brother.

THE HUTCH: I love you, man.

RUSH: I look forward to this every year, and we’re going to have to open this up and start talking about issues. People don’t know, but The Hutch, I should tell you, is one of the cultural leaders. You talk about somebody taking arrows? This guy is taking on the militant homosexual lobby and movement in same-sex marriage and you really are — with no exaggeration — doing the Lord’s work in every possible way that you could.

THE HUTCH: Thanks, bro.

RUSH: And television shows have asked you on as a guest and so forth, so it’s a thrill for me to know you.

THE HUTCH: The pleasure is mine. And hey, let’s get together and do some talking because we can have some fun. I don’t know if you heard yet: The Republican leadership did not pick a leader. They did not have enough votes to pick a leader.

RUSH: Why does that not surprise me?

THE HUTCH: No leadership! The only men that I know that are good enough to lead the Republican Party right now is Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin. (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing) Right on! Well, I’ll tell you what, they can both have it. (laughing)

THE HUTCH: Maybe you and I should lead it. We’d get something done.

RUSH: I’m busy.

THE HUTCH: (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing)

THE HUTCH: All right, my brother, have a great day.

RUSH: All right. I’ll be thinking of you on Sunday night watching the game.

THE HUTCH: I’m definitely going to be thinking of you.

RUSH: 34-10. You think ten points Arizona.


RUSH: And I know you’re thinking the Steelers can’t score 30 points on them.

THE HUTCH: No, I guarantee you I don’t believe that.

RUSH: I know that’s what you’re thinking. You’re thinking like Rod Woodson, their offense can’t score 30 points. If they can score 30 points on the San Diego Chargers, they can do it on the Arizona Cardinals.

THE HUTCH: I don’t think so. I’ll tell you right now, the two cornerbacks, Taylor and Townsend? They’re already taking Valium trying to get calmed down knowing who they’re going to face! (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing) He’s tweaking me. He’s talking about the number one defense in the National Football League, taking Valium because they’re afraid of the Arizona Cardinals! If there’s a fear factor in this game it is the Arizona Cardinals facing those missiles on defense that are the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hutch, thanks again. I appreciate it.

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