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RUSH: Oh, yeah! Music maestro Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra, to accompany $335 million to prevent gonga-rrhea (as my health teacher called it), syphilis, herpes, and other STDs in the ‘stimulus bill.'(Love’s Theme continues)RUSH: Not the most romantic Barry White tune.(Love’s Theme fades)

RUSH: Leave it up there, Mike.

(Love’s Theme boosts)

RUSH: It’s not the most romantic, but nevertheless nice dance tune, fast dance Love’s Theme, the quintessential STD theme for the stimulus bill, the Obama theme by music maestro Barry White, wife Glodean, white wine on the white piano. I always loved those pictures of Barry White.

(Love’s Theme continues)

RUSH: Barry White was an inspiration for fat guys everywhere. Here he is decked out at 350 pounds in his all-white suit, drinking white wine with a slinky model — and you knew where they were going to end up. Ah, here we go!

(Love’s Theme crescendo)

RUSH: Music maestro Barry White, the Love Unlimited Orchestra. Get your STD prevention kit via the Obama stimulus. Yeah, they should throw in some cigarettes in this for afterwards.

(Love’s Theme continues)

RUSH: I lived in Pittsburgh when this stuff was out.

(Love’s Theme continues)

RUSH: I remember playing this stuff on the radio.

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