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RUSH: You know, this Pelosi business of funding abortion being part of the stimulus, contraception being part of the stimulus and fewer people means economic growth? This thing went away way too fast. Nobody fought for this, other than Bob Wexler, congressman from Florida who lives in Maryland. It looks like this might have been a House Democrat leadership plan. I’m not so sure that Obama ever bought into this, because Obama canceled it with the slightest bit of attention.

Now, folks, this is also instructive. What if there were this kind of attention paid to every item in this stimulus bill? All it took was one day of people realizing that Nancy Pelosi actually said that killing babies in the womb was economic stimulus, and once it was framed that way — because she allowed it to happen Sunday on her TV appearance — the Obama administration had no choice but than to broom it.
Okay. So now we’ve got $4 billion of ‘stimulus’ for ACORN, community organizing groups, for ‘neighborhood stabilization programs’? Voter fraud organizations? We are spending $4 billion to pay for Obama’s ground machine, the get-out-the-vote bunch, the fraud voter registration bunch? What else? You’ve seen the list of items that are in this, that have nothing to do with economic stimulus, that it’s porkulus. What if every item in this got the same scrutiny that Pelosi’s idiocy got? We’d be looking at something far different. Because, you see, when the media gets close to doing their job, the American people win. It just doesn’t happen very much. Bernie Goldberg has a new book out. He refers to it as ‘A Slobbering Love Affair’ between the media and Obama. Four hundred million dollars for NASA climate change research in a stimulus bill. Six hundred fifty million dollars for digital TV converter box coupons — and, by the way, this is now gonna get us up to $2 trillion, not one. People are forgetting all the stimuli and bailouts that occurred throughout calendar 2008. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan, wow: $41 billion in local school districts; $1.1 billion to Amtrak; $600 million into buying energy efficient cars for the federal government, which will double what they spend on the fleet now!

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