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RUSH: Folks, look at things. Try to look at it this way, if you will. The Citibank corporate jet and the Merrill Lynch bathroom refurbishment means nothing to us. It means not one substantive thing to you whether they have a jet or not at Starbucks, Merrill Lynch, it matters nothing, it won’t make one bit of difference in your life. Same thing if some of these guys want to remodel their offices for $1.2 million. But the loss of trillions in the stock market, your plummeting 401(k)s, your savings account, your pension plans, the loss of value in the housing market, this is what you ought to be angry about, this affects you big time. This affects you in matters of great substance. This is your savings. This is your life’s work. This is, for some of you, your job. What ought to concern you is not the jets and not the bathrooms. What ought to concern you is the hack politicians telling you and everyone else that they are better equipped to run this economy than the people who have been.

This is a diabolical intricately woven web of deceit that is being executed and woven here, and you have been sucked right into it. If you’re falling prey to all this class envy stuff, it’s no different than when you think the rich ought to have their taxes raised, doesn’t matter a hill of beans to you. In fact, it can mean something bad for you because then they are prone to hire fewer people and to pay fewer wages and smaller raises. After debacle after debacle after debacle, the question still arises, ‘How can people have such faith in government to fix things?’ And the answer, frustratingly is, there are just too many people now to whom big government means big benefits, means big results, means the government cares. It’s a sad place we’ve gotten to, and this bunch, Obama is moving faster than I ever thought, lickety-split. This guy, we haven’t talked about it yet, but his speech, he ripped America again in his TV interview with al-Arabiya. His first formal interview as president is with al-Arabiya last night. He says, (paraphrasing) ‘Too often the United States has dictated, I’m sending George Mitchell, my envoy over to listen to you.’ He said, ‘The problem in Israel is that the Israelis have occupied too many PLO settlements.’ That’s not the problem. That hasn’t happened in years! The problem is the Palestinian and the Hamas, the gazooka rockets being launched into Israel.

‘We are not your enemy,’ he says. Would he make that speech to me? Would Obama make a speech on, say, a conservative network and say, ‘I am not your enemy?’ Or would he say, ‘You are my enemy’? Let’s talk about casualties for just a second. Casualties are mounting. This matters. This isn’t a jet. This isn’t a redecorated bathroom. Casualties are mounting across the United States. Home Depot announced that they are killing off 7,000. Sprint killing off 8,000. Pfizer killing off 8,000 more. Other companies, including Caterpillar, brought the total to 40,000 jobs killed in just one day. Now, sadly, the number of casualties is expected to rise with no end in sight. The communists are warning that we’re just witnessing the tip of the iceberg here. By the end of this year, 10% of America’s workforce could be unemployed. But that doesn’t matter, does it, because we’re not going to let Citi have their jet and we’re going to make sure we get the money back for the redecorated bathroom, right?

Ten percent of America’s workforce could be unemployed even if President Obama’s trillion dollar spending program is enacted. We are told there will be a net loss of at least two million jobs more by the end of the year. Even if, folks, he gets all of his trillion dollars, even with this dire forecast. A rapidly deteriorating labor market, our new president and his Democrat Congress are planning to kill even more jobs by demanding that automakers build green cars that nobody wants, by adopting Draconian fuel standards to appease radical environmentalists. At the local level, liberal state governments from California to New York to New Jersey are introducing new taxes as they refuse to rein in their budgets. I wonder if the Drive-By Media will keep a running monthly tally of the Obama casualties in the same manner they did war casualties under George W. Bush, or if protesters will plant crosses on mock graves for every job killed under the Obama administration. Will we have people protesting the loss of American treasure, the loss of American jobs? Will we have people camping out across the street from Obama’s house in Chicago as they camped across the street from Bush’s place in Crawford?

Forty thousand jobs killed in one day, the Obama administration tells us we’re going to lose two million more this year even if he gets what he wants. Now, for those of you who think this is an unfair question, perhaps an unfair analogy, let me remind you, we are talking about lives here. We are not talking about jets. We are not talking about bathroom refurbishing. We were talking about what was once entrepreneurial freedom that’s being usurped. We’re trying to take these incidents as teachable moments to illustrate that what’s happening here is nothing more than a giant usurpation of trillions of dollars of private sector wealth, transferred to the government, and then parceled out by that government on the basis of who they think ought to have it. They will pick winners and losers. We’re talking about 40,000 people’s lives, in one day. Their identities, their dreams, their hopes, and their jobs, casualties. There is a war going on. These are casualties in war, and I’m going to tell you what the war is. This is the Obama war on prosperity. Forty thousand jobs dead in one day.

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