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Rush’s Morning Update: Problem Solved!
January 26, 2009

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Well, nowthat Club Gitmo is going to be closed, and our standing in the world has been restored,what do wedo with all those nasty terrorists?

Our friends in Europe– who, remember, complained loudly and bitterly about Gitmo and George Bush– are suddenlyless vocal. Ireland, Portugal, France, Germany, and Switzerland are saying they might participate in a program to help out…on one condition:that we don’t send them any terrorists. Michael Martin, the Irish Foreign Minister, said: “No one is talking about terrorists or anything like that coming to EU countries. We’re talking about non-combatants– people who clearly have no history of any terrorist activity.”

Thanks, fellas! Big help you are!

Meanwhile, Abu al Libi (not to be confused with Scooter Libby),an Al-Qaeda commander who escaped from a US prison in Bagram, Afghanistan,has posted a video. He’s urging his fellow terrorists to attack Western and Arab capitalsin retaliation for Israel mopping the floor with the Gazookasin Gaza.

Oh, and then there’s thistidbit. Representative Jane Harman(Democrat, California)is cautioning President Greg Craigto “proceed extremely carefully” regarding the closing of Gitmo. And Pete Hoekstra of Michigan (a Republican)is worried about reports that as many as ten percent of the prisoners already released from Gitmoare back on the battlefield.

Okay, so let’s run the numbers. There are about 245 of these rascals at Gitmo. Why not just send each major blue city that voted for Obama, an equal share? Or give them all to San Francisco and put them on Alcatraz?

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