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RUSH: I’ve got a little heads-up for you on Obama’s immaculation tomorrow. The Obama immaculation address is 17 minutes long, and he wrote it himself, as opposed to David Axelrod. That’s the PR, that Obama wrote the speech himself. I can’t believe it’s only going to be 17 minutes. That’s barely two inhales for Obama. John Kennedy said, ‘Keep it short’ so he’s going to follow? Soaring and brilliant? Okay, so he’s going to do Kennedy now in addition to Lincoln and FDR. Anyway, personal responsibility, era of responsibility is supposedly the theme of Obama’s immaculation address tomorrow. When in reality, folks — here we go again, Rush Limbaugh spoiling the nation’s joyous celebration — the theme that we’re going to get from Obama’s administration will be the era of redistribution, the era of bailouts, and the era of welfare!

What I think is going on here is the Obama people are out there focus-grouping various subjects in their polling. They’re asking Americans of these subjects, ‘What would you like to hear the president say?’ Probably personal responsibility. ‘Oh, okay! I can do personal responsibility,’ and he’ll give a soaring speech saying that we need to all become responsible, and of course the problem with that is that there’s already half the country that is, and they’re going to be the targets. They are the enemy. The people who aren’t responsible, who aren’t productive, they’re the ones who are going to be portrayed as the victims of the people who are working, and that’s where the redistribution is. When he talks about the era of responsibility, I guarantee you it’s gonna focus on CEOs, it’s gonna focus on Wall Street, it’s gonna focus on the achieved. And institutions. Mark my words.

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