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RUSH: A programming note for those of you who are affiliates on the EIB Network, just as a reminder we are going to carry the immaculation tomorrow. We’re going to carry the Immaculate Inauguration, the swearing in and the speech, the inaugural address by Barack Obama. There will be live commentary as we are known for here on the EIB Network during the immaculation address itself. However, ladies and gentlemen, I don’t think at this point in time that we are going to stick with coverage of the parade. I mean we could do that, and I could describe for you the bands and the circus acts and the clowns and so forth that I see on television coverage, but I mean you could turn on the television for that. We will cover the inaugural address and we’ll play it by ear after that to see where we go. I just want you to know, we’ll be carrying it from start to finish, and whatever commercial time-outs, commercial breaks that are necessary to skip, we will skip tomorrow in order to bring to you the immaculation address of Barack Obama from beginning to end.

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