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Rush: I just want to you remind you about our new partner here, the Heritage Foundation, and give you an illustration of their value. You could become a Heritage member and access a great new website, AskHeritage.org. And there are a bunch of different membership levels (the most economical one is $25) and that’s all it takes to have access to their humongous database of information that is updated regularly with special reports and a number of things. Now, right now what’s going on in Washington are the confirmation hearings of all of Obama’s nominees. Now, you may think you know some of these people and their histories, and you may think you know what the future holds as a result of these people.

But the Heritage Foundation can provide all of us information that we don’t know, and the Republican Party is nowhere on the table in Washington, DC. They’re just not. The Republican Party has caved. Much of the conservative media in Washington has caved. But the Heritage Foundation is now one of the prominent voices of conservatism in Washington, DC. There’s a huge need for a big voice from the right in Washington, and it is Heritage. Will the next homeland security secretary support amnesty or enforce immigration laws? Will the new energy secretary engage in climate change hysteria? Will the education secretary (who can’t speak grammatically correctly) entrust parents with education decisions? Are they going to wipe out homeschooling?

The Heritage Foundation has researched all of this. They have scholars that are working constantly producing output on this. It’s www.AskHeritage.org. We’re going to be talking about them throughout the year. This has been invaluable to me over the years in improving my not just education, but confirming my conservative instincts as to why I felt this way and they’ve gone a long way in helping me explain what I instinctively knew. They can do the same for you. It’s well worth it. Www.AskHeritage.org. Ask ’em anything. You don’t have to ask about the cabinet secretary. Ask ’em anything. Just ask the question. You will be amazed at the encyclopedic documentation you have access to.


RUSH: Debbie in Gulf Breeze, Florida, you’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program, great to have you here.

CALLER: Hi. It’s an honor to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I just admire you so much.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: You’re welcome, sir. You’re so smart. I listen to every day. Now, this is what I want to ask you about.

RUSH: Yes, ma’am.

CALLER: Geithner is obviously a fiscal crook. He has no fiduciary example that anybody should want to be following. He obviously did this on purpose with his taxes. I know, because my daughter is a student, and my husband trades on her account, and because one piece of paper wasn’t sent in she got a bill for $140,000 from the tax man. You know, a student doesn’t earn that kind of money! (laughing) I wanted to know what it was. So, you know, we had to do the paperwork, and then of course she didn’t owe the money. But he should have been getting things from the IRS immediately. I mean, 2001 and 2002 should have already been in the mail two or three years ago. So he’s just a crook. I mean, it’s obvious, and all the things that he claimed… I didn’t even know some of the things until you told me, when I heard it, you know, this morning, the extra things that I didn’t read about in the media.

RUSH: Yeah, like claiming his kid’s stay at a sleep-away camp as a tax deduction. But all of the tax payment information, forms, blah, blah, even payments that he was being given by the IMF and he didn’t make them; I know, it’s very difficult to believe that this is the case. It’s a ‘mistake.’ But, look, they’re circling the wagons around this, ‘It’s an innocent mistake. A lot of people make these mistakes.’

CALLER: I don’t think so. Not when you’re in business for yourself. But then there’s the question of Holder. I mean, this man is obviously — I don’t care if he learned his lesson. Other people would go to jail if they did things like that. They would lose their jobs if they did things like that. I mean these — you know, his whole cabinet is dirty, the whole cabinet is dirty. And he’s having —

RUSH: Well, now, that may… I can’t name every cabinet member off the top of my head right now. It’s a little bit of a stretch here to say that they’re ‘all’ dirty.

CALLER: Humph. They all came from the Clinton cabinet, most of them, and I didn’t like the way the Clintons ran the country.

RUSH: Yeah, but Carol Browner? I don’t think Carol Browner is dirty. She’s just a socialist. You know, and it turns out Richardson may be dirty. He may have a problem. He had to quit. But notice they threw him under the bus, but they’re going out of their way to keep Holder, out of their way to keep Geithner, and I love the way they’re doing it. Obama is ‘investigating’ and ‘clearing’ these people.


RUSH: The IRS audits you and you say, ‘All right. I’ll check my files and get back to you,’ and then you tell the IRS, ‘Hey! You’re wrong. I didn’t do anything,’ and they say, ‘Okay, cool,’ and drive off.

CALLER: (giggling)

RUSH: Wouldn’t you love that?

CALLER: Oh, my goodness. You’re like a stand-up comedian. You’re just so brilliant.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: I love you very much. Listen, I want to go back to you guys over there because I want to just have them take my phone number, okay, and I’ll talk to one of your people back there.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Okay? I want to send you something but I know I can’t talk about it on the air.

RUSH: Oh, okay. Fine and dandy.

CALLER: We love you.

RUSH: Thank you. Love you, too. I appreciate it. I’m glad that you’re out there.


RUSH: Timothy Geithner, he is just called a crook on this program. We gotta give him some slack. We gotta cut him some slack. At least he didn’t try to deduct his old underwear that he gave to the — what is it, the Salvation Army? Remember the Clintons did that? The Clintons took a tax deduction for their old clothes and underwear! They gave away old underwear to the Salvation Army! No! It was Goodwill. They gave it to Goodwill. You know, they dropped them in those bins out there. At least we haven’t heard of Geithner trying to take a tax deduction on his old underwear.

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