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RUSH: I happened to glance up at my TV here — my digital TV that I purchased at full expense without waiting for a voucher from the government for 40 bucks. I’m watching MSNBC and Andrea Mitchell has her show on, and she’s interviewing Sandy ‘Burglar’ about Obama foreign policy. And, by the way, about that, I made this prediction last hour that before long the Obama people are going to say, ‘We’re going to have a whole new strategy in Afghanistan. We’re going to rework the whole thing. More troops this and that,’ and it’s going to be what’s already in place, the Bush administration policy already in place.

Burglar said it. My prediction has already come true. But who is Sandy Burglar? Here he is as an expert on the Obama foreign policy on PMSNBC with Andrea Mitchell. Here is a man who stole documents from the National Archives. That, too, was just an innocent mistake. (Clinton impression) ‘Hey, I know, Sandy. You know, that guy was so disorganized. Hell, he’s walking out of the White House with stuff stuffed down his pants and his socks! The guy, you couldn’t find anything on his desk. It’s the only way he could find what he was working on to hide this in his socks and his pants, hee-hee! Everybody knew that about old Sandy.’ So when you or I caught stealing something out of the National Archives… You try it, next time you go to Washington.

Go to the National Archives; say you want to get inside to see some stuff. Try stealing something out of there, get caught, and see what happens to you. Now, I know he paid a $10,000 fine and all that. You or I, we would be on some remote island somewhere unashamed to show ourselves — and I’m watching this, and the reality suddenly hit me. Here’s Holder. Here is Sandy Burglar. Here is Blagojevich. Everybody is tainted by this. Rahm Emanuel. We are never, ever as Republicans going to be able to behave this way because these guys are shameless. They have no conscience. They have no restraints. When you’re shameless and you have no conscience, you’ll lie about anything. We, on our side, just aren’t made that way.

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