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RUSH: I’m being interrupted. Staff is violating a 20-year-old rule. (singing along) Happy birthday to meee. You know, I’m softening on this stuff. Normally I woulda shut the microphone off and I’d have been cursing. (singing candle) What is that?

DAWN: That’s the song, a singing candle.

RUSH: Oh, it’s a singing candle. Okay. It’s doing the happy birthday melody? Is it going to keep doing that ’til I blow it out? Okay, supposed to make a wish (blowing) missed it by two. What kind of cake is it?

DAWN: It’s ‘White trash.’

RUSH: ‘White trash’ cake. Cool. We love ‘white trash’ cakes here, don’t misunderstand, thank you all. I had so many people call today or e-mail and wish me a 60th happy birthday. It’s 58.


RUSH: This goes in spurts, too, but people in unusually large numbers today are asking me about Punkin. I haven’t mentioned Punkin in a long time. ‘Is everything okay with Punkin?’ Oh, yeah, folks, Punkin is the same ol’ Punkin. In fact, I got a birthday card from Punkin today. Somebody obviously sent me a birthday card from Punkin, and the birthday card basically asks and reminds me to bring home some caviar so that she can celebrate this special day and that I can pause to think about how lucky I am to have her. That’s the birthday card from Punkin. (laughing) I love that little cat. She’s just the perfect, perfect pet for me. Only wants me around when she wants me around.

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