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RUSH: Here is Matt in Allentown. Great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. It’s a pleasure. I’m just calling to say that I totally agreed with what you said earlier to Amanda about the Republican Party needs to change, and I think the Obama presidency might give us that opportunity where a McCain one might have actually hurt us.

RUSH: Yeah, that was an operative theory as espoused by many, including me, on this program. But, you know, we ended up endorsing McCain or supporting because we just could not afford Obama.

CALLER: Well, I voted for McCain.

RUSH: So did I, but it is what it is now. I hope you’re right. I know the party is going to have to change. If the Republican Party wants to win elections, it’s going to have become conservative again.

CALLER: Oh, amen.

RUSH: And it’s still very early. But so far I don’t see any sign of it.

CALLER: Oh, I don’t, either.

RUSH: Did you hear me report my secret bit of information from somebody who attended the Republican Senate retreat?


RUSH: Whereas they were told, it was demoralizing for them. Don’t be extreme, whatever that means, be moderate, don’t be critical, and remember the needs of Northeastern Republicans in the Senate. There aren’t any Republicans from the Northeast in the House, and that’s what’s got them all scared. That’s fine, Northeastern Republicans are liberals. Can I give you some names?


RUSH: Mayor of New York.

CALLER: Oh, yeah.

RUSH: Michael Bloomberg, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe.

CALLER: Arlen Specter.

RUSH: They’re certainly not conservative. So when you have that as your agenda, you’re playing defense. These people are playing defense and the name of the game is offense.


RUSH: There’s been some confusion here over the last caller who thinks maybe it’s a good thing that Obama won because then he’ll get the blame for the economy and the Republicans can win. I’ve been having this out with Snerdley all day, who thinks it ain’t going to be long before the American people wake up and realize those who voted for Obama have made a big mistake. Another bit of thought provoking from me, Mr. Snerdley, to try to convince you that you are wrong. Which president, Hoover or Roosevelt, is blamed and tied to the Great Depression?

Hoover. Right.

For how many years did Hoover preside over the Great Depression?

One year.

How many years did FDR preside over the Great Depression?

Seven or eight years.

The media is never, ever, Snerdley, gonna blame whatever happens in the next four years in this economy on Obama. And they’re not going to blame it on Barney Frank or Chris Dodd or any other Democrat. They’re going to blame it on George W. Bush. George Bush is Herbert Hoover II. Learn it, love it, live it. I’m surprised. The media back then was no different than the media now. Find a Republican, stick the blame to him, know the Republican won’t be able to deflect it, and you get a historical forever-lie.

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