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“This plan, if it happens, as designed by Obama, is Jimmy Carter times a trillion.”

“Obama’s economic speech was a laundry list that just kept going, and I could just see the typical Obama voter swooning. I could see Oprah Winfrey jiggling so much in happiness that she loses 20 of the 40 pounds she gained last year.”

“Hezbollah has announced that they are investigating who fired the rockets from Lebanon into Israel. This is an O.J. Simpson line.”

“Folks, this is not a disagreement among people, but a proven fact: Governments do not break economic cycles — they cannot. If government could do that, there would never be a recession. It would be smooth sailing 24/7 if government had this kind of power.”

“You owe it to this show spend at least six weeks solid listening to it, and I guarantee that if you do that, you will never leave. Oh, you might go somewhere else, but you’ll be saddened by the experience.”

“So what can you do? You have to stand firm in what you believe in, live your life that way, vote when you have the chance to vote that way, and not be afraid to talk to people that disagree with you about it.”

“Henry Waxman called passing the children’s health bill ‘a down payment on national health insurance.’ And that’s exactly right. The little rug rats are destroying this country, and they don’t even know it.”

“Don’t insult me with this converter box business — get the real thing! To hell with a converter box!”

“Why should we want somebody to succeed who doesn’t have the slightest clue what he’s doing and who doesn’t understand economics? And I’ll tell you why our guys are saying that: because they’re a bunch of pantywaist cowards who are afraid to stand up for their own principles.”

“I love kids, especially those that are not mine.”

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