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Rush’s Morning Update: Details!
January 9, 2009

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Ladies and gentlemen,a development has occurred in Drive-By news coverage of the Bamster. An AP info-babe,Jennifer Loven, noticed and reported that our incoming president is offering no details at his daily press conferences. While the Bamster talks of restoring “financial discipline,” he’s also promising trillion-dollar deficits are far as the eye can see, and he’s talking about reforming Social Security and Medicare spending.

Don’t get me wrong;there isn’t any direct Drive-By criticism of The Messiah, Lord Barack Obama the Most Merciful — yet. Ms. Loven and the rest of the Drive-Bys are still worshiping at the feet of the Bamster.

Butthey are starting to notice what I pointed out very early on: the President-Select never provides… details. Nobody knows how, exactly, we’re going to overspend a trillion dollars every yearand be financially responsible. Or how Democrats will reform Social Security and Medicare –especially since they’ve spent the last decade demonizing any attempt tofix it.

Will the Democrats propose thatwe “starve seniors,” or force them to “choose between eating dog food and paying medical bills”? Will they cut benefits? Will theypropose we raise the retirement age? Will they suggest– heaven forbid– that we “privatize” a portion of Social Security for young workers… who don’t realize how they’re going to get shafted down the road?

At some point, the Bamster and his Democrats are going tohave to provide some specifics. And when they do,I– America’s Anchorman– will be right here to tell you what they are, and how much painis headed your way. (Little hint: It’sa lot.)

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