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RUSH: Last night on CNBC. The correspondent John Harwood was interviewing Obama, and he says, ‘Is the deficit going to get bigger?’ Now, Harwood used to be with the Wall Street Journal. Of course it’s going to get bigger! Obama has said it’s going to get bigger by a trillion dollars a year, but here’s what the Bamster said last night.

OBAMA: We are going to use this money, uh, to temporarily boost our economy to create or save three million jobs —

RUSH: Stop the tape! How do you calculate a ‘saved’ job? How do you do that, folks? How do you calculate a job saved? Here’s the rest of the bite.

OBAMA: — sort of put some down payments on things that we should have been doing over the last several decades that can help create a more competitive, uh, US economy. Examples: making sure that we are doubling alternative energy —


OBAMA: — making sure that, uh, we are reducing the cost of health care, building up, uh, a world-class —

RUSH: All right, that’s enough. That’s enough. That’s what I wanted to get to. Make sure that we’re doubling alternative energy, meaning the spending on it. There isn’t an alternative energy. There isn’t anything, anywhere that we can harness that comes close to oil. There is no alternative energy! It is a sinkhole down which to throw money, but it will expand the far left and give them more power, and cause a reduction in liberty for the rest of us, once we’re forced to drive these little Flintstone mobiles around that they come up with. But the real big one here is making sure that we reduce the cost of health care. Ladies and gentlemen, the objective is just the opposite, to spend more on health care by nationalizing it, and I have here, again from the Associated Press, from yesterday afternoon, after this program ended.

I’m holding this story right here in my nicotine-stained fingers, and the headline is: ‘House of Representatives to Vote on Obama-Favored Health Plan.’ Now, remember, he just said we are gonna start reducing the cost of health care. ‘House Democrats plan to give President-elect Barack Obama an early victory on health care, specifically children’s health care, next week. Leaders say they are scheduling a vote on renewing,’ the SCHIP program, S-C-H-I-P. You pop the ‘P’ when your’e in broadcasting and you say SCHIP. It’s the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. ‘The legislation will look similar to bills the House and Senate twice approved in 2007. President Bush balked at the additional $35 billion in spending … as well as the method of payment — a tobacco tax,’ which they’re trying to ban the use of tobacco while taxing it. They’re increasing its taxation to fund an increase (Obama just said reducing the cost of health care) in the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Nancy Pelosi ‘said lawmakers discussed whether to include reauthorization of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program as part of an economic stimulus package or as a stand-alone bill. The growth of the stimulus package in recent weeks led to the decision to move ahead with the latter option.’ So they’re not going to make it part of the stimulus plan. They’re just going to spend it. So it’s on top of the stimulus. Health care, he is going to reduce the cost. The cost is sky high, just with this one program. By the way, do you know that ‘children’ up to the age of 30 will be eligible for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program? It is quite possible, ladies and gentlemen. This is for families making up to $78,000 a year. So it’s quite possible that a family of four, mom and dad and two kids in their twenties, earning 78 grand a year, could have you (i.e., the government) pay for their health insurance, under this bill.

This is why Bush vetoed it. Now, later in the story there’s a quote from Henry Waxman. He ‘called passing a children’s health bill next week a ‘down payment on national health insurance,” and that’s exactly right. They tried. Hillary tried for universal health care. It went down the tubes. It was too big, too massive. This is now the incremental approach, ‘for the children.’ For the grubby children. These little rug rats are destroying this country, they don’t even know it. Crumb crunchers. It’s ‘for the children.’ See, by the way, if you’re listening for the first time, you just heard me call ’em crumb crunchers and rug rats destroying the country, you do not have previous programs, context to understand. I love kids, especially those that are not mine. I don’t want to get distracted here. It’s a down payment on national health care, folks, a stealth approach to nationalization of health care ‘for the children.’

And of course who can oppose the children? Even those worthless schlubs that are 28 still living at home! According to the bill, they don’t have to be living at home, these 28-year-old kids or 30-year-old kids. The tax for this, the payment, is a 61-cent increase on a pack of cigarettes, which will kill the sale of cigarettes. It gives people more and more reason to quit. So you can sit around and you’ll say, ‘Well, yeah! Good, good! Make the smokers pay for it. I hate smokers! They pollute with secondhand smoke, thirdhand smoke. They are killing my kids. They’re killing my dog. Make ’em pay.’ What happens when the tax on tobacco gets so high that you have a lot of people quit and they just don’t buy the product? Then they come for you, and then people like me are going to be saying, ‘Yeah, yeah! You make those people who thought they weren’t going to have to pay, pay. Make them hurt. Make them understand exactly how we all get shafted when liberals come up with miracle cures for health care, the economy, and recessions.’ This bus is headed over the cliff, folks, and I’m not going to be on it when it goes over.

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