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RUSH: They had all the living presidents in the Oval Office yesterday. They had H.W. Bush, and they had Obama in there. I thought this was funny, too. They asked some of these guys, ‘What do you think is going to go on in this private lunch?’ ‘Oh, I’m sure Obama will be asking a lot of questions.’ I said, ‘You do not understand. Obama is not going to ask anybody anything. He doesn’t think he’s got anything to learn. These guys are all goofballs to him. He’s going to be telling them what-for.’ (sigh) At any rate, to you had the two Bushes in there. You had Jimmy Carter. You had Obama and President Clinton, who maneuvered himself in the line so he’s standing next to Bush 43. That ensured he was in the center of the picture. Now, there is camera noise, and this is a two-second sound bite. This is Bill Clinton in the Oval Office yesterday.

CLINTON: I loooove this rug.

RUSH: You didn’t hear what he said? Did you understand it, Brian? What about you, Snerdley? Well, let’s play it again until you get it. (laughs) It’s just two seconds. I want you to think El Camino and AstroTurf in it, okay?

CLINTON: I loooove this rug.

RUSH: Did you hear that? He said, ‘I love this rug. I loooooove this rug.’ He’s back in the Oval Office. The last time he’s in there was with the Lewinsky stuff. He’s back in the Oval Office. What does he notice? He notices the rug! (laughing)

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