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Rush’s Morning Update: Discounts!
January 8, 2009

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My friends, there’s growing concern in some quarters that you people are getting too used to discounts. An AP news story documents the deep-seated fear American retailers are experiencing,fueled by the “rampant discounts” they were forced to offer during the Christmas season. Instead of settling for a mere 25 or 50 percent off on items, you people, apparently, won’t buy stuff unless it’s marked down as much as 75 percent.

According to AP,”The deep price cuts are making shoppers question the true value of items. If they can get $200 jeans at 60 percent off, will they be willing to pay the original price next fall?” Experts are warning that people’s definition of a good deal is changing,creating a “vicious cycle” which retailers don’t want to continue– where you people expect more and more price cuts.

Here’s the answer to retailers’ worries. Of course people will pay full price for items again — if they think those items are worth it. This is the free market doing what it does best:adjusting supply with demand. If the same principles were allowed to work, say, in health care, we would see the same thing happen. If we had real competition in health care, providers would discount their services to attract consumers,and consumers– not the government– would dictate the true value and cost of those services.

It’s a lesson anyone can understand,except, of course,liberals. And by the way, you know what? You people are saving too much money now. Last month you weren’t saving enough, now you’re saving too much. You’re not spending enough, and when you spend it, it’s on discounts. You people are ruining the country… say the Democrat liberals.

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