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“I watched the new Senate and House get sworn in. This is like the bank welcoming in the thieves, opening the vault and saying, ‘Have at it!'”

“I don’t want to hear objections about Panetta based on his lack of experience as a spy or as an intel guy. If we can have a commander-in-chief with absolutely no experience, why can’t someone lead the CIA who doesn’t know a peephole from the ground?”

“If I were going to hire a PR firm, you know who I would hire? Hamas. Well, if you want to manipulate the Drive-Bys, just go to Hamas!”

“What an uncomfortable thing to have to do — to wear a surgical mask. Have you ever put one of those things on? With all the carbon dioxide you’re exhaling, you’re causing global warming in your nose!”

“As I have told you over and over again, you can’t satisfy liberals. And this is where our side has made all kinds of mistakes, by trying to compromise with them. It’s just never enough. They have to be defeated, not accommodated.”

“Once you have over 50% of the population not paying income taxes, you lose forever the argument to cut taxes for everybody else. Those who don’t pay any taxes are never going to vote to cut taxes for the people who are paying their freight.”

“Story: ‘A voter registration worker with the group ACORN has been indicted on two felony counts of voter registration fraud in St. Louis.’ ACORN, by the way, is the first big job that the Bamster had as a community organizer. I’m sure there’s no connection.”

“If you read stuff in the Drive-By Media and you get all excited, and then I come along and set you straight, don’t blame me.”

“If Harry Reid were a Republican, the media would have already begun running Roland Burris’ life story all over the place. We would have learned that he was a sharecropper’s son — even if it wasn’t true — and how he had to eat dirt three nights a week because that’s all his family could afford.”

“Jerry, you passed the test; you agreed with me. And there’s no better way to demonstrate one’s intelligence than to do that.”

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