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RUSH: Fantastic, ladies and gentlemen, fantastic. The Bamster’s hope and change are evaporating in a steam cloud over the US Capitol. Roland Burris, subject of a piece today in the Chicago Tribune. The headline of the piece in the Chicago Tribune today: ‘Filling Obama’s Seat Becomes Test of Authentic Blackness.’ The Drive-By Media once again exploring the concept of ‘authentic blackness.’ Greetings, my friends, great to have you here. Rush Limbaugh back for day two after the vacation. We are here at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. Telephone number, 800-282-2882, if you want to appear on the program today.

Roland Burris duly appointed by Governor Blagojevich in Illinois, shows up at the US Senate, the secretary of the Senate turns him away.

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I don’t think so.

(continued playing of song)

I don’t think so.

(continued playing of song)

Not today

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Just one problem. Couldn’t get in the front door.

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Roland Burris, duly appointed, I mean Blagojevich is out there acting as governor, he’s signing legislation, he’s holding meetings, he’s working, so why can’t he appoint the next senator from Illinois? The Democrats are on thin ice, ladies and gentlemen, constitutionally here. A lot of legal scholars are suggesting that Harry Reid and the Democrats are on thin ice. What a picture, ladies and gentlemen, this morning. Of course the cameras are not allowed where the confrontation took place. Well, it wasn’t a confrontation, but Roland Burris shows up, presents his credentials, the secretary of the Senate says these are not valid and sends him packing back down the steps, and as Moe Lane who is a blogger at RedState.com wondered last night, even if they let him in, will they let him use the water fountains and the restroom inside the Senate?

Folks, this is an amazing picture. You have Roland Burris, you had two of his attorneys, all three of them African-American, you had a troupe of people walking from the Capitol to the site of a press conference just down the street with the Capitol in the background, and it’s mind-boggling. A white Democrat Senate leader, Dingy Harry, refusing to seat… hell, Denny’s would seat the guy, but Harry Reid refusing to seat Roland Burris and his contingent of African-American supporters. Can you imagine if Dingy Harry were a Republican, ladies and gentlemen? It is great to have you here. Senator Durbin, by the way, offered his office to Roland Burris so that Burris would not have to go to Denny’s. The Illinois secretary of state, Jesse White, has refused to sign the papers making all this — (interruption) Jesse White, the Illinois secretary of state Jesse White — (interruption) I missed that — (laughing) — we could not write the script for this.

‘Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White has refused to sign, saying the appointment’s invalid because of the federal corruption investigation surrounding Blagojevich and what prosecutors describe as his efforts to sell the Senate seat vacated by President-elect Barack –‘ oh, by the way. Folks, I got a whole Stack of Stuff here today. It’s just so sad for the Bamster, it’s just so sad, all of these distractions. There’s a headline: ‘Democrat Factions Could Stall Obama Agenda.’ Aweee! And it’s all such BS. There’s not a word of this that is true. I will analyze this in great detail as the program unfolds before your eyes and ears today. Meanwhile, back to Senator Turban from Illinois, he said Roland Burris is welcome to Washington, he’s welcome to come to my office, but he couldn’t possibly be anticipating any official action until at least his papers are filed. So Dick Turban wanted to make sure that Burris did not have to go to Denny’s to get seated, offered his office. I don’t think Burris took him up on it. Burris went out and did his press conference.


RUSH: Here’s Roland Burris this morning in Washington, DC, after being refused admittance into the Supreme White Man’s Club of this country: the United States Senate.

BURRIS: My name is Roland Burris, the junior senator from the state of Illinois. I presented my credentials to the Secretary of the Senate, and advised that my credentials were not in order and I would not be accepted and I will not be seated and I will not be permitted on the floor. And therefore I am not seeking to have any type of confrontation. I will now consult with my attorneys, and we will determine what our next step will be. Thank you all very much, and God bless each and every one of you.

RUSH: On the CBS Early Show today, co-host Maggie Rodriguez interviewed Roland Burris. She said, ‘Legal or not, is this really the way you want to reach the Senate, against the objections of the senators that you’ll be working with — even the president-elect, who’s hoping to come in smoothly and avoid drama?’

BURRIS: Well, no, I’m certainly not looking for drama, they’re causing the drama. My appointment is legal. There’s nothing that says (laughs) that there’s something wrong with Roland Burris. Are you saying that there’s something wrong with me? I’m qualified. I was elected four times in my state. I mean there’s nothing wrong with Roland Burris and there’s nothing wrong with this appointment.

RODRIGUEZ: Everyone has — has —

BURRIS: Pardon me. If that’s to say something wrong with the governor, then you all have to deal with that, but the governor is still the governor of Illinois and still has the power. As a matter of fact, the governor just signed a directive that Rahm Emanuel’s seat will be filled by special election, and the secretary of state signed that document. What’s the difference?

RUSH: He’s exactly right, folks. Blagojevich is on solid ground here and nobody from Illinois has been able to stop Blagojevich from being governor. He may have been arrested, but he hasn’t been indicted. He hasn’t been convicted of anything whatsoever. Harry Reid, these guys in the Senate are on thin constitutional ice on this, depending on how far Burris wants to push this. Now, the question from Maggie Rodriguez, ‘Is this really the way that you want to reach the Senate, against the objections of the senators…?’ I mean, they are so in the tank! They are just so in the tank. ‘What are you trying to do here, Burris? Don’t you have the sense to go away? Don’t you understand we’re trying to get Obama inaugurated with as few distractions as possible here? Why didn’t you go the way of Bill Richardson and just slink away and disappear?’ And Burris, continuing to give the Drive-Bys fits, says, ‘There’s nothing wrong with me.’ Last night in Washington DC, on Capitol Hill, congressional Democrats held a press conference. An unidentified reporter said, ‘Senator Reid, tell us what you plan to do when Roland Burris shows up on the steps of the Capitol tomorrow.’

REID: Well, of course, Roland Burris has not been certified by the State of Illinois. Uh, impeachment proceedings are going to start forthwith in Illinois. We’ll see what happens there. I’ve been advised they’ll be completed sometime early in February. But we’ll wait until we see if there is going to be certification from the State of Illinois.

RUSH: All right, now, we’re going to skip number five, Mister Broadcast Engineer. Let’s go to the Chicago Trib today. You know, this is amazing — especially now, folks, when you remember the controversy of last week, when I wasn’t even here yet making worldwide news on the BBC, CNN, and every other worldwide network. They just could not wait to run their biased, selective template on the whole ‘Barack the ‘Magic Negro” controversy. So now with the Burris appointment up there causing this giant evaporation of hope and change, and it really is hope and change evaporating in a steam cloud over the US Capitol. Ladies and gentlemen, the Chicago Tribune’s Dawn Turner Trice. Here’s the first line of her piece in the Chicago Tribune today: ‘What does it mean to be authentically black?’

This is a liberal reporterette for a liberal newspaper once again raising this question. This was about Roland Burris. They asked this question of Obama all during 2007. It was the Democrats and the media that were bringing race into all of this! It’s the Democrats who have brought race into the seating of Roland Burris, even though they deny it. ‘When Democratic US Rep. Bobby Rush said last week that an African-American should fill President-elect Barack Obama’s US Senate seat, he didn’t mean just any black person. He meant an ‘authentic’ black person. It’s fair to say that a Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas or even an Alan Keyes-type wouldn’t suffice. [Bobby] Rush meant a black person, such as former Illinois Atty. Gen. Roland Burris, who has a certain street cred, someone considered ‘black enough.” This is the Chicago Tribune. These are their words, not the words of any conservative here.

‘In 2000, when [Bobby] Rush and Obama competed for Rush’s congressional seat, [Bobby] Rush said his opponent wasn’t black enough or authentic. This question of authenticity seems to follow Obama. In recent weeks, we’ve witnessed the controversy over former Tennessee GOP Chairman Chip Saltsman who — in a bid to become chairman of the Republican National Committee — sent committee members a Christmas CD that contained the parody song ‘Barack the Magic Negro.’ The song … was inspired by a 2007 Los Angeles Times op-ed piece, written by a biracial film critic, who tried to explain Obama’s appeal to white voters by deconstructing the fabled ‘Magic Negro.’ In cinematic terms, the ‘Magic Negro,’ is a character who’s just ‘white enough’ in that he’s neither violent, threatening nor hypersexual. His primary function is to save the white protagonist and assuage ‘white guilt.’

‘Think: Sidney Poitier, Morgan Freeman, Will Smith,’ and then they go on and print excerpts of ‘Barack the ‘Magic Negro.” Tribune: ‘My point has less to do with the song (satire is satire) than the idea that the ‘Magic Negro’ raises the question: What does it mean to be authentically black, or authentically black and male?’ This is the Chicago Tribune, Dawn Turner Trice, bringing up the subject again. ‘For many, Obama flies in the face of such ‘authenticity.’ He’s neither an Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson nor a Bobby Rush-type. What frustrates me,’ she says, ‘is that the prevailing ‘type’ for black men is so distressingly narrow that any black man who stands outside the ‘type’ is considered the exception or inauthentic by some whites and some blacks.’ No, no, no, no, Ms. Trice! They’re considered the exception or inauthentic by liberals and Democrats.


RUSH: I want to finish sharing with you portions here of the piece in the Chicago Tribune here today by Dawn Turner Trice, ‘Filling Obama’s Seat Becomes Test of ‘Authentic’ Blackness.’ She writes, ‘What frustrates me is that the prevailing ‘type’ for black men is so distressingly narrow that any black man who stands outside the ‘type’ is considered the exception or inauthentic by some whites and some blacks.’ No, no, no, Ms. Trice, I must reemphasize to you, we don’t care about any of this stuff on the right side of the aisle. You own this issue. The liberal Democrats, white or black, own this whole controversy, if you will, over who is authentic when discussing black people, African-Americans. We would never even think to bring this up. This is not even in our lexicon. We don’t run around and find an inauthentic white person, authentic white, inauthentic female, authentic female. We don’t run around and think this way. You people do. We don’t think inauthentic or authentic terrorist. We think terrorist.

She says, ‘One cannot deny that there are myriad problems facing some black men.’ Yeah, like Roland Burris. He’s qualified, he’s been constitutionally appointed, and the white Senate leadership of the Democrat Party has shut the door on him. Not even allow him to use the drinking fountains, the restrooms. ‘But the black male type is far more diverse than what’s captured in statistics and in the media. … Here’s a question: What does it mean to be authentically white? Consider our economic meltdown. A bunch of white men were at the helm of government and private companies, now brought to their knees by shoddy dealings. Nobody would suggest that the new archetype for the white male is somebody who shouldn’t be in charge of our kids’ piggy banks, let alone facets of a national economy. But whenever there is a grim statistic about a black man, it’s too often used to reaffirm all the negative stereotypes. Sadly, for some, that becomes what’s authentic.’ Again, Ms. Trice, trust me on this — and I speak for conservatives everywhere — we’re just laughing ourselves silly over this. We don’t think this way and we are bamboozled that you get away with it.

We don’t believe that the whole Democrat Party got away with thinking this way about Obama throughout the 2007 campaign year. Is he black enough? Is he authentic enough? Go talk to the guy who wrote the ‘Magic Negro’ column, he brought it up, and he was not the only one. We are bamboozled that you get away with thinking this way. ‘What’s encouraging,’ she says, ‘is that it appears Americans are beginning to see beyond what it means for a black person to be ‘black enough’ or ‘white enough.” Most Americans don’t think this way, Ms. Trice. This is what we are trying to tell you. It’s a select few extremist liberal racists and others who think this way. You are the ones that practice identity politics. You’re the ones that are having this debate over who’s authentic or not. Therefore, you are the deciders. And apparently to some people, Obama is not authentic, ’cause to some people, Roland Burris is but then to other people he’s not. ‘Maybe more of us are starting to examine people on an individual basis,’ she says. ‘Maybe.’ More of us? A lot of us on our side of the aisle, Ms. Trice, have been doing this for decades. But we can’t get away from you narrow-casting everybody and trying to place them in niche categories.

Look at this. Los Angeles Times: ‘Obama’s Election, Changing the Politics of Race.’ What? Race politics has changed? Maybe because Democrats don’t know which side to come down on, but they’re still obsessed by it. This story is about how Blagojevich played the race card. Blagojevich played the race card, thumbing his nose by appointing — they accuse Blagojevich of playing the race card. It’s the Democrats who run the Senate who are refusing to seat somebody who has been legitimately appointed by a sitting governor. Obama’s appointed a bunch of white people, and now Burris gets rejected. Even Obama came out against Burris. The inauthentic came out against the authentic, according to the way you liberals look at things here. This is hilarious. We’re watching this with our mouths agape, watching this in stunned amazement that you get away with this.

Los Angeles Times today: ‘The Law is on Blagojevich’s Side.’ It’s an editorial. ‘The taint of Blagojevich’s alleged crimes does not justify ignoring the Constitution,’ is the upshot of the piece from the Los Angeles Times. There are a lot of scholars, Bruce Fein, who sometimes is all over the scholar playbook, in the Washington Times today has said, you know, Blagojevich is still acting as governor, he’s signing and vetoing legislation or whatever. He did, as Burris pointed out, come up with this special election to fill Emanuel’s seat, and nobody tried to stop that. Now the Democrats in the Senate do not want Burris. Dingy Harry wants to hand-pick who he wants in there. I’m sorry, folks, we have elections. Dingy Harry is not in charge of who is in the Senate, as will soon be discovered and affirmed should Burris continue to pursue this along with Blagojevich through all the open legal channels.


RUSH: Colin, I’m not sure how you pronounce it, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Great to have you. You’re up first today. Welcome.

CALLER: Thank you. It’s Colin, Rush.

RUSH: Colin.

CALLER: I’m just confused because I’ve heard a few people say this, and if it was a white man that he had appointed as Senator, do you think the same exact thing would have played out?

RUSH: I do.


RUSH: Because of what Dingy Harry has said. Dingy Harry named two people. He wanted Tammy Duckworth or Lisa Madigan. I think if Blagojevich had appointed a white guy it would have been much the same thing. However, you have to understand what we do here, Colin. For the longest time, people like me and others on my side have had their character impugned, their reputations attempted to be destroyed by false accusations of racism and all of these horrible things that are not true. Here you have, look at these pictures, you got a guy that’s legit, he’s qualified, and according to the Chicago Tribune today, he’s authentically black. And a bunch of white people would not let him in the door, would not let him use the restroom or the drinking fountain. Now, what are we to make of this?

CALLER: So you’re saying if you had done this, they would have been saying, the Democrats, the liberals would have been saying this about you?

RUSH: Oh. There’s no question. If Harry Reid were a Republican, the coverage last night and today and all last week would have been 180 degrees different. He would have been stoned and pilloried. They would have demanded his ouster for his lack of sensitivity. The Democrat Party is the party of affirmative action. The Democrat Party is the party of quotas. The Democrat Party is the party of advancing minorities to positions they may not even be qualified for. It’s called affirmative action, and yet they always end up being harmed and destroyed by their own policies. This guy, I don’t even think it’s affirmative action, this guy is qualified. This guy’s got more experience than the Bamster has, Colin. Roland Burris has more political, governmental experience than Barack Obama, and they just booted him outta there. There is no question, if the parties were turned here, if the tables were turned, this would be an entirely different thing.

Now, the Drive-Bys are jumping on Burris. ‘How dare you destroy this historical moment? Just get away. Just go back where you came from.’ If Dingy Harry were a Republican, Colin, the media would have already begun running Burris’ life stories all over the place, and we would have learned that he was a sharecropper’s son, even if it wasn’t true, and we would have learned that he grew up in abject poverty, lived next door to William Jefferson, Congressman (Democrat-Louisiana), and that he had to scrimp and scrape and he ate dirt three nights a week because that’s all his family could afford, and sometimes they put hot water on it and made mud and pretended it was chocolate cake. But we would have all of these stories about how he’s had to scratch and claw against the white power structure, and still he made it. Instead what we’re getting is this guy is an ingrate, shut the hell up and go back to Illinois and learn your place.


RUSH: You know, this ‘black enough’ thing that the Drive-By Media and the Democrats continue to wring their hands over…. I mean, if you’re gonna posit the notion that somebody may not be ‘black enough,’ that they may not be authentic, it means that there are those who are black enough, right? I mean, if somebody’s not black enough, somebody is; and then you have to ask: ‘Can somebody be too black?’ Do you think that’s possible, Mr. Snerdley? You have experience here. Is it possible to be too black? We got people who are not black enough, not authentic. We got people who are authentic. Can you be too authentic?

Can you be too black? (interruption) You can? Okay. Okay. Joe Biden. (interruption) Joe Biden said you could be too black? (interruption) Joe Biden’s not black. What? What are talk…? Hmm. (interruption No, no, no, no, no. I mean, ‘too black’ is a detriment. If you’re inauthentic and you’re not black enough, that’s bad. If you’re authentic and black, that’s good. But then can you be too black? In other words, can you be bad black? Can you be too black? ‘Cause these things are natural progressions. See, I don’t think this way so I don’t have the answer to the question. I really don’t. We’ll have to ponder this one, ladies and gentlemen. We have to go to the experts on this, the civil rights movement, liberal Democrats, and those in the Drive-By Media.


RUSH: To Chicago, this is David, great to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, authentic black conservative dittos to you from ground zero of a lot of political corruption that’s going on these days. How are you?

RUSH: Fine, sir. Thank you very much for the phone call.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call, Rush. Listen, before I get to my point, one thing, to answer your question earlier, you can be too authentically black. That’s what the liberal media said about Jesse Jackson’s failed presidential run back in the eighties.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, what do you mean, he’s too black?

CALLER: He didn’t have broad appeal. He didn’t have mass appeal.

RUSH: Well, that’s because the Reverend Jackson ran a grievance campaign. I guess it means the same thing. He ran on the basis of grievance, that the country owed him because of our original sin of slavery. The Reverend Sharpton tried the same thing, and the media called that too black?

CALLER: Yes, they did.

RUSH: So too black means too narrow.

CALLER: I guess. I don’t believe in all that stuff but, you know, if you want to listen to them, that’s fine. Well, listen, my point regarding this Dawn Turner Trice, before I canceled my subscription to the Trib, I noticed that most of her columns were vapid at best and she really didn’t have anything to say unless it pertained to race.

RUSH: What’s the difference in Dawn Turner Trice and Frank Rich? What’s the difference in Dawn Turner Trice and Bob Herbert of the New York Times? I mean, neither have anything to say. They’re filled with rage and hatred, stereotypes. I’ve read a bunch of Dawn Turner Trice stuff, and you’re right, it’s all about race, but she’s in the Trib, and she’s at ground zero, and the Trib thinks that she’s substantive. They’re publishing what she says. I was not going to ignore this, David, because one week after these same people tried to build up a phony controversy about me and racism and ‘Barack the ‘Magic Negro” here they are asking the question again, this time about Roland Burris! I mean that’s very substantive, if you ask me.

CALLER: Well, they’re going bankrupt as well, so that’s kind of —

RUSH: Well, I know. The content of these papers is one of the many elements that explains their dwindling business. But the news business is the one business in America where the customer is always wrong. The news business is the one business in America where you’re too stupid to understand what they do, and if you complain you are wrong. It’s breathtaking to behold this. In fact, I’ll tell you something. If you want to analyze why the Drive-Bys, be they in print or broadcast, if you want to analyze why they have lost respect, not influence, but if you want to know why they’ve lost respect, it’s because their audience is each other, not their readers. They make no connection with their television, radio, or print audiences, because they’re writing and they’re reporting for each other in the media. That’s who their audience is. Newsweek wants to impress TIME, TIME wants to impress MSNBC. They want to impress each other with how on the same page they all are. How else to explain the phenomena that they’ll all end up using the same word to describe an action, such as gravitas to describe the selection of Dick Cheney by George W. Bush to be his vice president? Every Drive-By person in Washington, as though they were the only ones doing so, uniquely doing so, used the word ‘gravitas.’ They’re doing it to impress each other. It’s a little club you can’t get in.


RUSH: Here’s Bob in Athens, Alabama. Great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, God bless you and Ann Coulter.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Hey, listen, I wanted to take umbrage with your analysis today on this Burris appointment. Harry Reid and the boys in the Senate can’t really seat this guy while he’s under this cloud of malfeasance there in Illinois. They want to flush Blagojevich, and in order to do that he’s clinging to the rim of the toilet right now, and unless he steps down, they can’t seat him, at least they have to go through the motions, anyway.

RUSH: Well, I understand what you’re saying, that they legitimize Blago if they seat Burris.


RUSH: Well, they haven’t been able to delegitimize Blago. Blago is still acting as governor. They are on constitutional thin ice here, depending on how far Burris and his lawyers want to take this.

CALLER: Well, sure, I did want to point out while I was waiting to talk to you, I was looking at Fox News, and they’re reporting that the Illinois secretary of state wouldn’t endorse or sign —

RUSH: Yeah, his name is White, by the way. Jesse White is the Illinois secretary of state.

CALLER: Yeah. Hm-hm.

RUSH: There’s a whole plan. But this is Blago sticking it to them. You kinda have to like this.

CALLER: Yeah, he’s doing an excellent job, but he would do a lot better if he would have announced simultaneously that he would resign under this cloud of malfeasance.

RUSH: Well, that’s not his game plan. His game plan is called get even. ‘You guys are going to try to get rid of me, okay, fine, take this.’

CALLER: Well, he’s up against the Democrats.

RUSH: He’s thrown Roland Burris up against the wall and it has stuck.

CALLER: Yeah, well, I hate to see this, even on the Democrat side because they’re taking this Illinois sewer pipe and taking it national.

RUSH: We are losing so much of our culture. We are descending here into analyzing all this on the basis of pure politics, in some cases, pop culture. Blago is legitimate. And what is it that legitimizes Blago? It’s called the law. He’s the governor. He’s still the governor. He has not been indicted. They have postponed until April 7th the period of time until he must be indicted, if he is going to be. He is determining how Rahm Emanuel’s seat is going to be filled, with a special election. He is signing legislation. He’s running around, attending rubber chicken dinners, whatever governors do. He’s legitimized by the law. He’s unindicted, ladies and gentlemen. Add to this, I’m sorry, Harry Reid doesn’t get to determine who sits in the United States Senate. This is about the Constitution. And as is the case with so much of what is happening to our country with liberals in charge, the Constitution means less and less, and people don’t care.

Even I, ladies and gentlemen, can’t help but look at this as a sitcom, but nevertheless there are serious concerns here. The humor that we find in it is the obvious phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ rollerism of Democrats and liberals. They supposedly are head and shoulders above us all, and they are not ethically challenged and they’re not corrupt and they are compassionate and feeling and they love minorities and they want minorities to excel, they will do anything, except, except when the minorities get too uppity, and then it’s time to revert to Bull Connor, or, in this case, Lester Maddox. What’s the difference in Dingy Harry and Lester Maddox, George Wallace? Remember all these great segregationists in the past are Democrats. It’s in the blood, and it’s showing up on the steps of the United States Senate! And we are reduced to discussing, ‘Well, they can’t really do this, you know, they would legitimize Blagojevich.’ How about the fear that they delegitimize themselves? They apparently have no fear that they will delegitimize themselves, but they are in the process of so doing.


RUSH: Let’s go to Jerry in Kansas City. Jerry, thank you for calling. Great to have you with us today.

CALLER: Thank you, sir, and Happy New Year.

RUSH: Same to you.

CALLER: Yeah, I was just listening to what you said about the tax cut thing; and we’re a one-income household, and I’m at home now, and I just don’t like that idea. I’m a writer and I earn a little money, not much. But I figure that’s my money, and it shouldn’t be going to anybody else not willing to work for it. You were talking earlier about Senator Reid, and he’s going to allow Al Franken in there assuming that he gets over the next week and Mr. Coleman’s filing thing; but he won’t seat Mr. Burris, who, you know, is legitimately appointed. Because, like it or not, until the Illinois House or Senate or whoever has a right to do it, impeaches him, as you pointed out — and I don’t necessarily like the idea — he is still the sitting governor and, you know, that is one of his rights. He wasn’t right trying to sell it but it was his right to appoint whoever meets the constitutional criteria for being a US Senator.

RUSH: You know, Jerry, you sound like a guy who normally doesn’t agree with me but on this occasion happens to agree with me.

CALLER: Well, yeah, and I told Mr. Snerdley as much (laughs) when he put me through and I’m glad I got through. I tried a number of times. People want to talk to you, and get their views, and if I only get this once to do it, I wanted to take advantage of it and hope I sound halfway intelligent.

RUSH: Well, you passed that test. You agreed with me. And there’s no better way to demonstrate one’s intelligence than to do that. Thanks very much.

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