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RUSH: You know last week during the hubbub over ‘Barack the ‘Magic Negro’‘ when I was away, I had a bunch of people concerned, send me e-mails, ‘You need to hire a PR firm for when you’re gone, Rush, you’re getting beat up. They’re destroying you out there and you’re not out there to defend yourself,’ and so forth. I’m not going to hire a PR firm. All they would do is arrange a meeting with the New York Times editorial board. But if I were gonna hire a PR firm, you know who I would hire? Hamas. I, ladies and gentlemen, would hire Hamas. If you want to fool the Drive-By Media with Photoshopped pictures and staged events, false information, out-and-out-lies, if you want to manipulate ’em, you don’t have to go to one of these lousy PR firms, just go to Hamas. These people are PR experts. I mean look at these gazookas, look at how they know how to do this. They focused on civilian losses, then they followed up with children, and now almost to mock the New Media, decries the loss of our daughters. It’s working better than they ever planned. They put people in their headquarters buildings, they put people into houses where their rocket launchers are, then the Israelis target the houses where the rocket launchers are and of course you have, quote, unquote, civilian causalities.

Hamas wants civilian casualties! These people are brilliant at PR. They want civilian casualties, they get them, they parade the dead bodies of their leaders through throngs of people, and then the sons, and that goes so well, they dig up the dead girl kids and say, ‘Let’s parade them, too.’ The Drive-Bys fall for it every time it’s tried, be it in Lebanon, hire Hezbollah if Hamas is too expensive. It might be tough to hire Hamas these days. They are a little busy with their own project. So you go up and hire Hezbollah. Hell, you could go hire some of these people down at Club Gitmo that are prisoners down there. It is stunning. Look at all the money people in this country waste on high-powered PR firms, when Hamas can get you coverage any way you want it with the world media, not just the US, but the world media.

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