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Rush’s Morning Update: Joke
Original Airdate: November 11, 2008
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My friends, I have stumbled upon a rare artifact: a liberal journalist with a sense of humor. Fittingly, the discovery was unearthed at the media’s Jurassic Park: CBS News. The “joke” was written by Jon Freidman; it’s a “news” story with this headline: “How Obama Can Win Over The Media.” If not a joke, it’s a delusion so severe that it defies medical analysis.

The premise of the article is that the Messiah-elect, Lord Barack Obama the Most Merciful, has been a “guarded, private man on the campaign trail.” Lord Obama “chooses his words very carefully.” And he appeared to “agonize when he had to speak off the cuff” during his debates with John… what’s-his-party.

Now elected, Obama needs to “loosen up a bit when he deals with the media,” advises Friedman. Perhaps he oughta crack a few jokes, Jon? Maybe pick on elderly widows like Nancy Reagan at his press conferences?

According to Freidman, “Everyone in the media will be watching Obama, waiting for him to trip up and look bad. It’s nothing personal against him. But…the media love nothing more than to build you up, and then knock you down,” he warns.

Jon, you’re full of bull-bleep! You craven Drive-By types made the Messiah an idoland you’ll spend the next four years worshipping at his feet. So you Drive-Bys just stay on your knees –in the Monica position –while the New Media does the workyou used to do.

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