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RUSH: Fred Dicker was on the radio station in Albany, New York, yesterday, and he interviewed the New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, and Fred Dicker said, ‘If Governor Paterson calls you up and says, ‘General, I’m making my decision now. Do you want to be considered? Are you interested in the Senate seat in New York?’ What do you say to him?’

CUOMO: Uh, first, I do have a choice. I could campaign, looobby. I could offer opinions. I could, uh, speak to it. I don’t think that is appropriate. I don’t think it’s appropriate, uh, for my — as my — as I serve as attorney general, et cetera. Am I stymied, frustrated? No. If I wan–ted to campaign for the job, you know what I would do? I would campaign for the job! (nervous chuckle) I mean, you know?

RUSH: That is New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo really slapping around Caroline Schlossberg, who is actively campaigning for the Senate seat. He’s saying it’s a little bit unbecoming to do this. Fred Dicker then said, ‘But if you’re not interested, why wouldn’t you say, ‘No, I’m not interested,’ or if you are interested, why wouldn’t you say, ‘Of course I’m interested’?’

CUOMO: I think it is presumptuous, Fred, for me to discuss a conversation I may or may not have with the Governor of the State of New York. I keep the conversations that we’ve had, uh, to ourselves because I consider them private, and I respect that. And I think the governor does have a great field of candidates here. And many of them I know personally. Many of them I’ve worked with. Caroline I’ve known for years, and I’m very fond of her.

RUSH: Oh, isn’t that sweet? He used to be an in-law. She is an ex-in-law. He’s very, very fond of Caroline Schlossberg. One last time here, Andrew Cuomo says he is not frustrated. Fred Dicker finally says, ‘This claim that the Times called you on Saturday that you’re feeling frustrated, that you’re feeling stymied. That’s not true?’

CUOMO: You know, Fred, I think it’s — a — a — a — just, as soon as you state the proposition, the error in the proposition is evident. ‘He feels frustrated he’s not campaigning.’ Well, d’en he would campaign. I mean (laughing) that’s the answer to that frustration.

RUSH: Okay. Cuomo says he’s not frustrated. Isn’t it amazing how much he sounds like Mario the Pious? I mean, if I didn’t know that this was Andrew Cuomo, I would think it is his father Mario the Pious. It is scary similar. It is scary to listen how similar they sound. The one thing I don’t know is if Andrew can give a speech like Mario the Pious could. I guess we might someday find out. Last night on Hannity & Colmes on the Fox News Channel, Geraldine Ferraro was the guest. Rich Lowry was filling in for Hannity, and he said, ‘You know it’s about Kennedy nostalgia. If her name was Caroline Colmes, there would be no groundswell of support for her.’ Her name is Schlossberg, by the way. Nobody is using her real name.

FERRARO: It’s interesting to see how she’s running a campaign. She should run in a primary when — you know, when, you know, the seat is up for election. But this seat right now, the Governor has to take a look and see who can best represent the state immediately. Again, I keep repeating the same thing: It’s not about Caroline. You know there are lots of people that want this. They’re being a little bit more discreet. They’re not running a campaign. You know, does Andrew Cuomo want it? You know, I haven’t spoken to Matilda [Cuomo] lately, but I would bet that he does.

RUSH: Yeah, so here’s Geraldine Ferraro bashing Caroline Schlossberg for an indiscreet campaign. And then in the Politico today: ‘Kennedy Education Record at Issue.’ This is… It’s Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg! Can you imagine the poor woman’s husband? She’s 51. They’ve been married for years and years and years. They have some crumb crunchers, and all of a sudden she’s back to being Caroline Kennedy and this guy is chopped liver! Her name is Schlossberg. At any rate, ‘During the two years Caroline [Schlossberg] worked as a fundraiser…’ I’m adding Schlossberg. I’m not reading the ‘Kennedy’ in here. I’m doing the job the mainstream media used to do.

‘During the two years Caroline [Schlossberg] worked as a fundraiser and goodwill ambassador for New York City schools Chancellor Joel Klein, co-workers would frequently drift by her workspace for a glimpse of the department’s most famous $1-a-year employee. As often as not, they were greeted by an empty chair.’ They didn’t see her. ”I’d get it all the time — ‘Why isn’t Caroline at her desk?” said a person who worked closely with Kennedy… ‘She kept in touch every single day, by phone, by e-mail or sometimes in person… Or she was out in the field visiting schools.’ … The problem is, she hardly left a vapor trail,’ much less a paper trail. Nobody can find any evidence of how often she went to work there or what she did as an aide to Joel Klein. This is why she’s out there actively campaigning, and saying she’s deserving of this because of her DNA. She even went up to Sylvia’s to eat soul food with Al Sharpton.

(playing of Sharpton spoof song, ‘Eat, Caroline.’)

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