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RUSH: Joe Biden is now trying to lower expectations worldwide. He was on Larry King Alive last night. Larry King said, ‘The world’s view of America, you expect it to change? Right now I think we’re viewed military (sic) the around the world, aren’t we?’

BIDEN: I think we are. And, you know, you — you asked me earlier, uh, if I’m worried about the exceedingly high expectations that people have for President Barack Obama, and I said domestically I wasn’t so worried about that, but internationally I am. I’ve been contacted by so many world leaders. Their expectation for Barack’s, ehhh, presidency is overwhelming.

RUSH: I don’t buy this for a second.

BIDEN: They are so hungry to have an American leader who they think has a policy that reflects our stated values, as well as one they can talk to.

RUSH: I’m sorry. As loose as this guy is known to be with words… (Biden impression) ‘Hey, Chuck, stand up out there! Let ’em see you! Ohhhh, God love you, Chuck. You’re in the wheelchair. Well, I wish somebody had told me. Stand up for Chuck!’ As loose as this guy is with words, do you believe world leaders are calling him and saying, ‘Boy, we’ve got these really high expectations. We can’t wait ’til you get Obama in there to get back to American policies that reflect your stated values’? If there are any world leaders that can’t wait for Obama it’s people like Putin, and they are not calling Biden. Putin, Hu Jintao in China, Ahmadinejad in Iran, these are the guys that are hoping for a change in US policy; as in, ‘We surrender;’ as in, ‘Let’s give up.’ But this is continuing the campaign. This is ridiculous campaign rhetoric. Their expectation for Obama (deep breath) is overwhelming. They’re so hungry to have an American leader who they think has a policy that reflects our stated values as well as one they can talk to.

I don’t know of a world leader that has not spoken to Bush, other than the aforementioned (ahem) Ahmadinejad; what’s his name down there in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez; and the Castro brothers; but he’s talked to Hu Jintao. He’s had Putin down to the ranch in Crawford for barbecue. I frankly think that’s what soured Putin on America, if you want my opinion. Barbecue? What’s barbecue. They don’t understand barbecue. They come in, they want to know, ‘Where’s the borscht and the vodka?’ Barbecue? Putin, he actually said it was kind of strange. He couldn’t believe how much food there was and it wasn’t all that good.

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