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RUSH: Barney Frank, ladies and gentlemen, still fit to be tied over Rick Warren being nominated to say the prayer at the inauguration.

FRANK: Singling someone out for the honor of giving the inaugural prayer I think is inappropriate. I think Rick Warren’s comments comparing same sex relationships to incest is deeply offensive, wildly inaccurate, and very socially disruptive. And I’m glad he is talking to the Muslims, I’m glad everybody is talking to everybody. We’re not here talking about not having conversations, we’re talking about singling somebody out for a great honor, and I think the president-elect made a serious mistake in doing that.

RUSH: Barney, this is the second time he’s had a problem with Obama. What was the first time? It’s not Rick Warren. What was the first time? Something about the bailouts or some such thing, oh yeah, he wanted Obama to step in now, he wanted Obama to step in now and start doing things, rather than wait. Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, was talking to Congressman Frank, and after this answer that you just heard, even though you might not have understood the words, she did. She said, ‘Well, why do you think Obama invited Pastor Warren?’

FRANK: Oh, I believe that he overestimates his ability to get people to put aside fundamental differences. I’m a great admirer of the president-elect. I’m delighted he is elected. I think this is going to be the best time in American public policy since the New Deal with Mr. Obama in the lead. But my one question is, I think he overestimates his ability to take people, particularly our colleagues on the right and sort of charm them into being nice, when he talks about being post-partisan, having seen these people and knowing what they would do in that situation, I suffer from post-partisan depression.

RUSH: I have to say, Barney’s worried about Obama’s own new tone. But Barney, don’t, it’s just PR. Rick Warren will never see the steps of the Capitol again during the Obama administration. After the prayer he’ll go back to Saddleback Church and do what he does. This is PR. This is setting the table for getting as many people to sit back and let him make as much socialism as he can. You guys on the left are going to have to temper this and calm down. You’re going to get more than you expect to get. (interruption) Who’s Barney Frank talking about? (Barney Frank impression) ‘I love these people, (unintelligible) best time in my life (unintelligible) public policy (unintelligible).’ I don’t know who he’s talking about, doesn’t matter. He’s a little upset here. Rick Warren, by the way, had a message last Saturday night at the eighth annual Muslim Public Affairs Council convention. Are there gay Muslims? Because, you know, Ahmadinejad said there aren’t any in Iran. Here’s what he said.

WARREN: Now, this one will shock you. I happen to love Democrats and Republicans, and for the media’s purpose, I happen to love gays and straights.

RUSH: Oh, there you have it. That was Rick Warren Saturday night, Long Beach, eight annual Muslim Public Affairs Council convention. Barney Frank, these guys, they just literally cannot wait to get their greedy little hands on this money. Barney Frank, who should be in the process of being investigated, is demanding and preparing legislation to require that some of the money in the TARP fund, unspent so far, be spent for specific purposes, like stemming foreclosures and reducing mortgage rates. He wants all the money released. He wants it to go to affordable housing and he’s fit to be tied out there, ladies and gentlemen, as the Banking Queen. I’ve read your e-mails. Some of you say you’re irritated by this song. Too bad. I like it and laugh my butt off listening to it.

(playing of Banking Queen)

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