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RUSH: The crisis, the controversy over the eventual selection of Caroline Schlossberg to replace Hillary Clinton in the United States Senate continues, ladies and gentlemen. Over the weekend, we had some sound bites that happened out of this. Gary Ackerman was up yesterday on Slay the Nation. Gary Ackerman, congressman, Democrat-New York. Bob Schieffer: ‘A lot of the Democrats in New York, elected officials, have said that they think this is a good idea. So far, you have not been one of those people.’

ACKERMAN: I don’t know if it’s a good idea because I’m not sure I know who she is. I mean, everybody knows who she is but we’re not sure what she is. Uh, you know, they’re Kennedys. Uh, they’re all — they’re all boats. But is she a sailboat when we need a battleship? That remains to be seen. And the very fact that she’s sequestered herself for her whole life, nobody knows what — what her values are. We can assume. We don’t know the second thing –which is probably as important in New York and in national politics — what kind of fighter she will be. Does she have the guts and the gumption to do it?

RUSH: Well, you see, it’s not smooth sailing here for Caroline Schlossberg. Gary Ackerman then followed up.

ACKERMAN: They basically Sarah Palinized her, if I can coin a phrase. They’ve — they’re answering questions that you have to submit in writing. She’s not talking to reporters, as she makes in grand tour. DNA in this business can take you just so far. You know, Rembrandt was a great artist. His brother Murray on the other hand? Murray Rembrandt wouldn’t paint a house.

RUSH: Murray Rembrandt? Rembrandt had a brother named Murray, and he couldn’t paint a house? So you see ‘DNA only takes you so far,’ and that’s quite a cut to say of Caroline Schlossberg that she has been ‘Palinized.’ Geraldine Ferraro also is not on board with this move. Bob Schieffer said to her, ‘You’ve asked the governor, in a letter, to appoint one of the six female members of Congress that come from New York.’

FERRARO: It’s not about an individual. It is about the state and the needs of the state. I said, ‘In order to get somebody to hit the ground running,’ I specifically said, ‘I think you should look to members of Congress who have been dealing with these issues for the last several months. What they have to do, their biggest concern is moving from one side of the Capitol to the other side of the Capitol. They know what’s going on. They know the process. They can move,’ and then I did put in a little bit of a support for the six women members. I said, ‘I don’t know if any one of them wants it, but I think you should reach out to them and ask them.’

RUSH: You know, there is something troubling about this and that is the Balkanization of things that the Democrats and the liberals get into. Only women can have this seat, only a black can have Obama’s seat, only women can represent women, only this or that — and she’s a woman. Caroline Schlossberg is a woman. It has been learned, ladies and gentlemen, that her big charity, the place that she supposedly devotes most of her time… (interruption) Why are you laughing in there, Brian? I haven’t said anything funny yet. Well you’re still laughing at the Barney Frank, finger-in-the-dike business. I’m telling you, he’s trying to stop a whole bunch of bleeding out there.

At any rate, Caroline Schlossberg apparently spends one to two hours a week working at this big thing that is her pet, her most important cause. The long knives are coming out for this woman. But it seems like this has already been wired. Remember last week, I think it was Friday, Caroline Schlossberg trundled up to Harlem (her first time beyond 110th Street, no doubt) where she had lunch at Sylvia’s soul food restaurant with the Reverend Sharpton. And I made mention of the fact last week before she did this, when I found out she was going to go up there, that she does look a little thin; which in circles of rich and wealthy people is exactly what you want to be. You want to be a ‘social x-ray.’ You want to be thin. ‘Thin rich is in rich,’ and this is what people like this strive for.

I was stunned when she went up to Sylvia’s and she actually ate something. It was a major faux pas, ladies and gentlemen, showing her eating. This is the lack of anything innate. It’s just a lack of political experience. You never, ever eat while a camera is on you. You might spill something. You might choke. You might look bad when you eat. Some people have the most rotten eating habits, make noise and this sort of thing. If you look at the video, you will see, ladies and gentlemen, that the Reverend Sharpton clasped his hands over his plate so that he would not even be tempted to reach for a fork, a knife, or anything on his plate while the cameras were rolling. But Caroline was slicing, she was dicing, she was putting food in her mouth, and she was chomping away, and the Reverend Sharpton may be responsible for this, my friends. Because everybody agrees that she is social x-ray thin. So the Reverend Sharpton… You don’t go to the Sylvia’s and sit there and drink water.

(playing of Sharpton spoof song)

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