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RUSH: Barney Frank is fit to be tied out there, ladies and gentlemen, trying to put his finger in the dike out there, trying to — (interruption) what is so funny? What did I say? What did I say? Barney Frank’s put his finger in the dike, trying to stop all this economic hemorrhaging. He’s trying to stop Rick Warren from showing up and giving the prayer, he’s really upset about that at Obama’s inauguration. The Democrats are now again lowering expectations. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ain’t going to let that happen here. Not only are they lowering expectations on policy matters, the headlines say that the inauguration crowd originally projected at six million, they say it will be cut by about half. Actually no, the projections, if you read the article in the Washington Times, two million is what they’re expecting. That’s a reduction in expectations by two-thirds. Also, Bush’s last inaugural, $400 grand. So you know that the report will be that there were $500 grand or more at the Obama inauguration. It’ll dwarf whatever just by virtue of the reporting in the Drive-By Media.

Ladies and gentlemen, the soap opera here continues. What are we going to call this soap opera? This soap opera’s gotta be called Liberalism in America. Let me give you some headlines today from the Drudge Report. ‘Bitter Cold, High Winds Chill the Midwest.’ ‘Wind Chill Minus 30 in Chicago, Minus Ten in New York City.’ ‘All Parts of Canada May See Their First White Christmas Since 1971.’ ‘Severe Cold Wave to Hit Europe.’ ‘Beijing’s Coldest December Day in 57 Years.’ Now, if God is writing this sitcom, we’ll call it Liberals and Liberalism in America, what God is doing is revealing what a con artist, this guy’s got nothing, Algore has nothing on Bernie Madoff. Do you realize the global warming hoax is larger in scope than Bernie Madoff’s scheme? Algore is being displayed here as a liar. But God is doing it in a kind and compassionate way. Oil costs next to nothing, which means we can heat ourselves with His creation. Coal is down as well this winter, while we sort out the global warming lies.

This cold wave that’s going to hit Europe, Joe Bastardi today at his blog at Accuweather.com says that it is going to be worse than anybody will ever remember. This cold wave is going to come in, and he makes the point that some people could say, ‘Well, this is just a sign of how we have been warming.’ No, that’s not the way to look at it. By the way, he’s not a global warming believer. The way to look at this is very simple. If we’ve got global warming going on, then how is it that all of this frigid weather can make a comeback? If you are vanquishing the enemy, you are vanquishing the enemy, and if global warming is going to destroy the planet and our climate, where in the world is all this cold coming from? Don’t tell me that it is an illustration of just how fast the earth is warming. This is what the Drive-Bys and the environmentalist wackos want us all to believe, because they have their agenda, so anything abnormal weather-wise is said to be the result of climate change.

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