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Rush’s Morning Update: UAW Bailout
December 23, 2008
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Well, that didn’t take long, folks.Hours after President Bush announced that U.S. automakers would get a federal bailout, the bellyaching began. In exchange for the $18 billion, automakers’ labor costs have to be made “competitive” with those of foreign car companies with plants here in America like Nissan, Toyota and Honda. The “jobs bank” program which allows union workers to earn almost full pay for not working must be reformed, and at least half of the payments auto companies make to retiree health plans have to be made in stock instead of cash.

United Autoworkers Union president, Ron Gettlefinger (a great name for a union thug!) ungrateful that President Bush saved his union members’ jobsm, badmouthed him for adding “unfair working conditions” that single out workers.

Then Congresman Barney Frank, one of the Democrats directly responsible for the housing and financial crisis, opened his yap. He accused President Bush of leading an “assault” on working men and women, taking away money “legally owed to them,” and allowing foreign auto companies to dictate wages for American workers.

Barney, we have proof of what happens when unions dictate wages. Hence, the bailout!

Now, America’s incoming Messiah, Lord Barack Obama the Most Merciful, had a pronouncement as well. Workers should not be “taking all the hits,” he declared. Excuse me, Mr. Messiah? Workers aren’t taking the hits. They’re keeping their jobs. It’s the American taxpayer – as always – who’s taking the risks and takingthe hits for a bunch of left-wing ingrates!

And they’re not even saying, “Thanks.”

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