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Rush’s Morning Update: Win Some…
December 22, 2008

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My friends, the appointment of California Congresswoman Hilda Solis to head the Labor Department has eased growing tension in the Democrat Party Hispanic base.

Justa few weeks ago, The Messiah, Lord Barack Obama The Most Merciful, was threatened by California Democrat Joe Baca. Baca warned Lord Obama that his legislative agenda of hope, change, and illusion could hit “roadblocks”unless more high-profile positions were filled with Hispanics. Nowwith Bill Richardson at Commerce, Ken Salazar at the Interior, and Solis at Labor– all’s well. Baca called the Solis appointment “a great day for the Hispanic Community.” He says he’s glad Lord Obama listened to reason.

Union liberals are happy, too. While in Congress, Solis’ votes matched the AFL-CIO position 97 percent of the time. Assorted labor groups have given her a 100 percent rating; she’s a strong supporter of the proposed “card check” legislation, which will strip employees of the right to vote with secret ballots when unions want to take over American businesses. You business owners: Buckle up –it’s going to be a rocky road.

Speaking of unions, in Garden City, Long Island– that’s New York– 22 police officers will no longer get “holiday pay” for working on Katrina Remembrance Day, Gerald Ford Day, Teddy Roosevelt’s birthday, or even Parent’s Day. Some stupid arbitrator ruled that the union leadership was wrong when they demanded– and got– extra pay for working on those “holidays.”

So… you win some,lose some –as we’re all about to find out!

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