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RUSH: The Lord Barack Obama, The Messiah, Most Merciful, held his press conference today to announce Salazar as the interior secretary and Vilsack as the agricultural secretary. When it was over, when the speechifying was over, Obama turned it over to the press. And, man, it’s just so tough out there for the press. We had a question here from CBS News correspondent Cynthia Bowers, and the question basically is: ‘Is it hard for you not to tell us about Blago? Is it really hard? Are you frustrated not to be able to tell us the truth about Blago?’ Listen to this.

BOWERS: You ran on a platform of transparency. How difficult is all this having to wait to release your inquiry business, when the American people expect transparency?

OBAMA: Well, it — it — it — uh, it’s a little bit frustrating.

RUSH: Can you believe this?

OBAMA: Uhhh, eh, you know — there’s been a lot of speculation in the press that, uh, uh, I — I would love to correct immediately.

RUSH: Well, do it!

OBAMA: Uh, we are abiding by the request of the US attorney’s office, uh, but it’s not going to be that long. By next week, you guys will have, uh, the answers to all your questions.

RUSH: So the press wants to know how hard it is for The Messiah not to be able to tell them everything they want to know. The Messiah said, ‘Well, it’s very frustrating for me, but be patient. Next week guys, and you’ll know.’ Can you imagine Bush getting a question like this? ‘Mr. President, how hard is it for you to have to tell us about the intelligence leading to weapons of mass destruction? I know it’s gotta be difficult for you. We feel so bad for you.’ How hard is it for you, Messiah, not to be able to tell us? Here’s one of the reasons why it isn’t hard. This from the Chicago ‘Fun’-Times. ‘President-elect Barack Obama’s incoming chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel,’ who is everywhere in this, ‘was pushing for Obama’s successor just days after the Nov. 4 election, sources told the Chicago Sun-Times. Emanuel privately urged Gov. Blagojevich’s administration to appoint Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett, and the Sun-Times learned [today] that he also pressed that it be done by a certain deadline.’ Now, we know that there was no pay for play. They got mad when they were told it was going to cost them money, but they’re lying about not talking to him.

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