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RUSH: Those of you who live in New York, the governor there, David Paterson has come up with a way to raise $404 million. This morning on WNBC news, the correspondent Glenn Zimmerman.

ZIMMERMAN: Another way to save some money or at least in this case make some money is the so-called obese tax. For example, with that, a can of Coke would cost 15% more than Diet Coke.

RUSH: He is going to raise taxes on fattening items, fat food items, and so if a can of Coke has sugar in it, a 15% higher tax. I, ladies and gentlemen, El Rushbo predicted this December 9th, 1994, on my television show.

RUSH ARCHIVE: They’re going to start capitalizing on this discrimination against the fat. I can see spending caps at McDonald’s. Spending caps at McDonald’s. We’re going to hear stories about secondhand fat being a health hazard. You know what’s going to happen, you’re going to be sitting in that restaurant, that fat pig is going to be eating on salad or something and you’re going to say, ‘You know, I’m in the presence of a fat person eating and I can just sense fat globules all around me, and it’s going to infect me and I’m going to get fat.’ Maybe they’ll even have a calorie tax or a grams-of-fat tax. I mean this is just silly.

RUSH: That’s 14 years ago, and I, El Rushbo, called it. That’s what I mean, folks, when I say being on the cutting edge of societal evolution.

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