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“When it’s a Republican scandal, the press become prosecutors. When there’s a Democrat scandal, the press become defense lawyers.”

“The auto bailout is going to happen at some point. It’s either going to happen with the Bush administration tapping the TARP money or it’s going to happen when the Obama crowd is inaugurated. It’s going to happen.”

“It’s not an auto bailout. It’s a union bailout, and the union bailout is going to happen.”

“Barney is not afraid to be honest ’cause he’s untouchable. This is about the union. There are no companies. There are no organizations. There are just people, and they exist to get money to Washington. All money is Washington’s. It all belongs to Barney Frank to do with as he sees fit because he’s smarter than everybody else about this.”

“The New Deal was not about reviving the economy; it was about guaranteeing interminable power for the Democrat Party, and that’s what’s happening here. Elections have consequences.”

“You are worth what somebody will pay you, unless you’re in a union and then you’re only worth what your thug leader can get for you.”

“The purpose of this country is not to see to it that the United Auto Workers get paid when there aren’t any cars being made.”

“When we are in this much debt, you don’t have any liberty. You don’t have nearly as much freedom, folks.”

“You people in Washington are who you are because you do nothing but kiss ass with the media. You will do anything the media wants in order to get preferential treatment and phony reputations of greatness.”

“You people who haven’t the slightest idea what life is really like in this country ’cause you get sweetheart mortgages and who knows who the hell else gives you things that you don’t pay a going price for, you tell everybody else how to live their lives? Don’t make me puke.”

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