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RUSH: You know, Ayn Rand wrote the book called ‘Atlas Shrugged,’ and I’m wondering if we are living the sequel, ‘Atlas Puked,’ or ‘Atlas Laughed His Butt Off.’ The sitcom that we are living through is funny. The consequences, though, are not amusing at all. The ChiComs are showing the world how to get an economy going. It used to be us that did that. With a liberal president-select and a liberal Senate and a liberal House of Representatives unchecked by a liberal media, is there any hope for reality in our culture? Is it possible that the one voice of reality (I’m too modest to say who that is) could be hushed? Stop and think. Stop and think of where we are. I know I’m not helping. We’re laughing at this, but sometimes that’s all you can do.

People who have proved that they can produce tens of millions of cars are going to be led, managed, and directed by people who have never manufactured a single car in their entire lives. People that have produced all of the energy our nation needs to survive and to grow are now going to be led by people who have never found an ounce of oil, drilled for an ounce of oil, refined a single ounce of oil. In fact, I think they’re going to be led by people who have no idea where money comes from. Liberal Barbra Streisand on one hand in the real world and America chose liberal Barbra Streisand. We are living according to the way the brain of Barbra Streisand works. We’re about to be governed by the brain of Barbra Streisand!

So, my friends, even as we see the consequences of home loans to those who couldn’t afford them, as we see the consequences of unfettered bailouts of one industry leading to dittos for all industries. All we can do, my friends, is press on, knowing that this sitcom, like all sitcoms, will eventually be canceled, and our nation can return to its original intent — which is greatness, greatness through freedom, greatness through individual, real effort, real work, real achievement. Not alternate effort, not alternate work, not alternate achievement. People who warned about the dangers of unfettered bailouts, people who have no idea of the consequences of wholesale subprime mortgages, had no idea what it would lead to, and people who voted for bailouts have no idea what that’s leading to! Ayn Rand, she wrote ‘Atlas Shrugged.’ The sequel: ‘Atlas Puked.’ We’re in the middle of it.

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