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Yes, yes, we’re going to get to the auto bailout. This really steams me, by the way. Well, you know, I’m getting so sick and tired… Here we had the auto execs, the white-collar guys, they gotta get fired. Pelosi and everybody else were saying they don’t know how to run their business. Obama was seen saying the same thing. We’re going to get a car czar in there. We’re gonna somebody who knows how to run the auto business ’cause these guys don’t. If they want their money, blah, blah, blah. They had the guts to fly in here. How come nobody’s telling us how Gettelfinger got to Washington? Did Gettelfinger fly in on a jet or did he drive in a General Motors car? How come we never hear about any of the excesses of the unions? We don’t hear about that because that’s who the bailout’s actually for.

This is a travesty what is happening here. It is a pure, 100% travesty. There is so much anger for this bailout out there. If the Republicans do not stand up to this, I don’t care how much Obama screws up, nobody’s going to have the guts to vote for Republicans anymore. A lot of Republicans are saying, ‘But, Rush, how do we oppose this? This is President Bush, and he’s doing this. President Bush is signing off on it.’ Take a stand! You gonna be dealing with an incoming Democrat administration that you’re going to have to be taking stands against all the time. Take a stand on this.


You know what we need in this country? We do not need a car czar. We need a union czar. Why do we have to have a car czar? Why do we have to have somebody from the government, ‘I’m here to help you run the auto business’? I’ll tell you why. It’s to protect the unions and to get all these green — by the way, a little question here. Somehow the future of the US auto business, according to all these wizards of smart in Washington is what? The electric car, right? The sales of electric cars in Europe , and they’re a bunch of wusses in Europe . I mean Europe would sign on to any of these newfangled stupid moves to protect the climate, right? Sales of electric cars are plummeting, like 156 this year. They’re going to have to force us into these things, but there’s a problem, I think, ladies and gentlemen, because electric cars need what? Electricity. And even if you have a battery in there you still have to recharge the car.

What do you do? Plug it in. I mean that’s where we’re headed here. You plug it in. Right. Well, where do we get our electricity? Little pop quiz. You know what percentage of our electricity comes from coal? Try well over half. Try well over half of our electricity comes from coal, which Obama says we need to get rid of. And his cap-and-trade program he says will put the coal industry out of business, no new coal plants. So where we gonna get the electricity to drive around these little putt-putts? You think Plaxico Burress is going to go drive around in an electric car? Hmm? You got another thing coming if you think Plaxico Burress is going to go buy an electric car. How do you outrun the cops in an electric car after you’ve shot yourself in a nightclub at one o’clock in the morning on your way to the hospital?


RUSH: A couple of Senate Republicans, Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn (DeMint from South Carolina, Coburn from Oklahoma) are standing up against the auto bailout. DeMint first.

DEMINT: The argument that is being made today is that people will not buy a car if a company is in bankruptcy, is a bogus argument. Americans are not stupid.

RUSH: Yes, they are.

DEMINT: They know that this bailout is only a temporary solution. They’re much less likely to buy an American car with this bailout plan.

RUSH: Get this. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma.

COBURN: In 2007, GM sold 9.37 million cars worldwide. Toyota, that same year, sold 9.37 million cars worldwide. GM lost 38.7 billion. Toyota made 17.7 billion. Therein lies the problem.

RUSH: Shazam. Did you catch that? They sold an equal number of cars, Toyota and GM: 9.37 million, worldwide. GM lost 38.7 billion, Toyota made 17.7 billion.

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